Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tropical Storm, Day 2

Lutz, Florida (high 89, low 73

We are still waiting for tropical storm Beryl to head get out of Florida.  I think it’s actually been downgraded to a tropical depression.

She was heading west across north Florida and southern Georgia yesterday.  Today she changed directions and is heading back towards the east and then up the east coast towards the Carolinas.

The weather today was much worse than yesterday.  We got a lot of rain today as the storm bands came through our area.  Not much wind, but we did have a little gust that caused the window awning to blow up, breaking the hook that straps it down.  That was the only real wind.  I guess we should have brought in the window awnings.  Live and learn, I guess. 

There is a “good” side and a “bad” side of a hurricane/tropical storm.  We were on the good side yesterday and bad side today. 

When we got up this morning we noticed a beautiful red sky.   “Red sky at night, sailors delight, red sky in morning, sailor take warning”   That old mariners saying seems pretty accurate today.

We did get in some quality movie time yesterday and today.   We’re enjoying the old Tv series “24.”    

We’re trying to get set up to move this week-end.   I broke the charger on Al’s Xoom tablet so we’re trying to get one delivered before we leave.  It’s dead in the water right now without a charger.

It never fails.  We sit still for weeks, but at the last minute, we’re busting our tails trying to get everything done that we should have gotten done weeks ago.  Our excuse this time was that Al was sick.  Smile


  1. Looks like we're about 38 miles south east of you in Lutz. We've had some minor rain but nothing that seemed out of the ordinary.

    Hope you get everything together so you can get on along your way. I know you must be anxious.

  2. So glad you are safe. What a terrible storm!

    Murphy's law at work yet again.

  3. I guess if an awning problem is the only damage from that kind of storm, it's not all that bad. From what I saw on the TV news, it looked pretty bad in a lot of places.

  4. Hope the storm is outa there soon.

  5. One of our tie straps broke too. For now we are using a little bungee cord to hold it when in use, but I found some thick grosgrain black ribber I am going to sew a new loop onto it.

    Karen and Steve
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