Saturday, May 12, 2012

So Far, So Good

Lutz, Florida  (high 87, low 70)

We got out of the cardiologists office about 10:30 yesterday morning.  I was pleased at how fast it all went.  The preliminary results were good.

Al had a nuclear stress test and an echocardiogram  (sonogram). 

The nuclear  stress test involves the injection of a radioactive substance, which  mixes in with your blood that flows to your heart.

He laid under a scanner for 13 minutes before they injected him with the radioactive material.  He was told to keep still while they took pictures of his heart.  He fell asleep and must have woke himself up snoring because he said he jerked his arm and hit the scanner.  (you are supposed to stay still)

The radioactive substance, in essences helps the heart “glow” for the camera. So that the camera or scanner can take pictures of your heart as it pumps and pushes the blood in and out.

They hooked up  monitors to his chest and put him on  a treadmill.  After a few minutes of monitoring his EKG readings, they injected the substance.  

The doctor and I were there at the time and the doctor didn’t see any issues with his EKG.  He had no trouble on the treadmill, and no chest pain.

After the treadmill, they took him back for 11 more  minutes of pictures to show his heart and arteries with the substance inside of him.

In talking to the cardiologist, we figure out that Al’s primary doctor  misunderstood what Al told him.   They were under the impression that Al was having severe chest pains.  He wasn’t.  So, I think that’s why is all happened with such urgency.  It was a good thing though, as we got all this done within 24 hours!

The cardiologist didn’t review all the tests before we left yesterday,  but he did look at the EKG’s and didn’t think Al had any problems.  They will call us in a few days.  This may have all been a misunderstanding, but I feel it was a good thing.  A man Al’s age should get this done regularly in my opinion.  We’re hoping all is well.

Al is still not feeling up to par due to the sinus infection, so I think we’ll stay out of the sun today and hang around the house.

We do have some new friends though.

Mr and Mrs Florida Sandhill Crane, and their babies.

Florida Sandhill Crane

Little Noogie was very interested in watching them.

Little Noogie watching the Florida Sandhill Cranes

This little guy was cleaning himself.  He’s still a bit scruffy.

Florida Sandhill Crane


  1. So glad to hear that everything is okay. I would rather be safe than sorry any day. And now you have a baseline for when they do another stress test.

  2. Thank goodness! It's so nice to have all these extensive tests to find out you're healthy. Seriously. Now you guys know Al's heart is healthy and it's something you won't have to worry about. That is really good news.

    I like it when my doctor orders tests and I walk out knowing I'm okay.

    Cute baby cranes, Baxter seems to think so too. :)

  3. Good news and great visitors! A fine day indeed.

  4. Great news, but doctors really should learn how to listen to their patients. How lucky to have the juvi cranes pay a visit!

  5. Good deal! I'm sure you're relieved.

  6. Nice to go thru those tests and no problems, gotta like it.

  7. Great, what a relief. Boy do you have great neighbors! Wish mine were that cool.

  8. That is certainly great news and an answer to prayer!! Getting the tests done is indeed a good thing. Mike had that done a couple years ago. Tell Al to get some rest and feel better real soon.

  9. Great news. We're glad everything worked out well.

  10. I'm just catching up with my reading. So glad to hear that the tests went well for Al. I'm sure that was a bit of a scare for both of you. Love your neighbors.

  11. Great news-it was good to have all the tests to verify.


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