Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Little Exploring

Lutz, Florida (high 88, low 71)

We took a drive to downtown Tampa on Sunday.  We were looking for a place to launch the kayaks where we could paddle and have the Tampa skyline in the background.   I thought that I remembered such a place.  We did NOT find it, however this morning I found this  picture on the internet  which is what I wanted to get.

The places we found to launch were too far away.

Home Page

There is a rowing club nearby and this picture is from their website.  We saw some people rowing their skulls.  Check out this short video.  They  moved so darn fast, I could barely keep up with them.   The girls were in a smaller boat could not keep up with the guys, who were in a larger boat.

Skulls on the Hillsborough River

There was a small motor boat guiding them, training them, or something??  You could hear the person in the background.

After we watched the rowing a while, we took a drive over the bridge to Davis Island.  The baseball player, Derek Jeter recently built a huge mansion there.  It’s over 30,000 square feet and valued at nearly 8 million dollars. It took up two waterfront lots.

It was easy enough to find.  Here is a picture I took, which really doesn’t show the size well.

Derek Jeter's house on Davis Island

The following are pictures I got on the internet.

Derek Jeter’s  7.7 Million Tampa Mansion Completed  Photos    Photo 11 of 20   NESN.com

The photo below shows the mansion towards the bottom right.  How about the view he has from his backyard?   Do you think he’d mind if we launched the kayaks from his place?

Derek Jeter’s  7.7 Million Tampa Mansion Completed  Photos    Photo 14 of 20   NESN.com

I think some people earn way too much money.  Why does a single guy need that much space?   


Yesterday, Monday we made a trip up to Homosassa River State Park.  We got in free using our Florida Parks pass.  We’ve been there many times so I didn’t bother to take many pictures.

Here is Lucifer the hippo.  He is the only remaining non-native animal at the park.   He is an old man at 52 years old.

Lucifer the Hippo

I think this is the first time I’ve seen him out of the water.  It was dinner time.

A male Wood Duck.

Wood Duck male

A Pileated Woodpecker.


And for those who asked…..a picture of Al pushing a baby (kitty) stroller.    You can also see Baxter looking out.



the end

(I hope this isn’t too gross for any of you!)

Lucifer the Hippo


  1. Never can understand why someone needs that big of a home.

  2. The last picture looks like last night when I was standing in line at Wal Mart.

  3. A finey hiney shot! Well-done. What's funnier than a hippobuttamus?

    1. You must be hilarious in person because you always have me laughing on the blogs!

  4. Hey Lady, you went right near my house and didn't stop! Next time call me and we will meet you anywhere! Love your pictures! Especially the house! Ken was telling me he wanted to get a kayak But you know me I am afraid of water! Oh well! Love to read your posts!

  5. When we were at Homossossa about three weeks ago Lucifer stayed in the water and didn't move a muscle the whole three hours we walked around the park.Looks like he was having an off day.Paul & Helen told us he is always active when they go to the park. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.....

  6. One someone builds a home like that, it is more an investment than a home. Particularly in that location. A prudent use of funds.


  7. You should have asked Derrick all he could say is no ~ lol lol Great photos and in case I didn't tell you your new look on the blog is really nice!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  8. I think they build those homes because they can and perhaps because they are insecure in how important they are and want to make sure everyone can see. Really a THIRTY THOUSAND square foot house. The average house in 1960 was 1000 square feet. But then that's just my cynical opinion.

    Can you launch from Lettuce Lake Park and just paddle on out of the park??

    Love the picture of Daddy Al and the stroller.

  9. I think this last year or so, David Letterman has been flashing pics of Derrick's house on his show each time he is meaning to show something else. Must be a personal joke of some sorts?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. Russ and I were just talking about people and their huge mansions. Investment considerations aside, I have to ask WHY?? Such a cute picture of Al and the kitty stroller. He's a good sport.

  11. I love that 'end' photo and what a big end it its!

  12. Fun post to read and great finish.

  13. wow that is some mansion....holy cow....maybe he wouldn't even notice if you launched from his back yard...great pictures...quite the bummer of a photo (the last one) :)


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