Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cutting the Ties

Lutz, Florida  (high 87, low 71)

We are planning a trip to the beach today.  Not a fun beach trip, but a working trip.  Al has to do pest control for a customers beach house, so  I’m going along for the ride.  Maybe we can find something interesting to do or see. 

The saga of the Florida Sand Cranes is continuing.  Yesterday morning, the parents were here and doting on the colts again.  When they are around, they all stick pretty close together.  Sometime during the day, the adults disappeared again, and were gone most of the day.  When the parents are gone, the youngsters don’t stay together all the time.  This morning, Mom and Dad are back and the family is back together again.   Could they be working on another nest somewhere close by?   Are they trying to slowly wean the youngsters?   I’ve seen lots of Sand Crane families and they seem to stay with the parents until they are a lot older then these two.  It’s strange, but at least all appear to be okay.

Al is making a trip to Georgia on Friday.  The plan is to clean out the rest of the stuff from the storage building in Georgia, and cut our ties to Georgia!  That’s the plan anyway.  He’s not exactly sure what is left in that shed, so hopefully he won’t be shocked when he opens the door!

The sunset was pretty last night with a pink sky.


We’re still hoping/planning our escape for June 3rd.  We are planning a trip to the east coast towards Flagler Beach, but we found another campground to stay when we get back.  It’s about 10 miles north of us.  They are pretty expensive in the winter at $800 a month, but have a special $320 summer rate.   It’s not a destination type park, but since we have to be in the Tampa area, it’s at least a change of scenery.  They have  a new section that has double concrete pads so you park on concrete and also have a large concrete patio.  It’s certainly not where we want to be……but it’s probably where we will be for July.

So….until we get at a more exciting location, I’ll just have to keep reading with jealousy about all the fun places all our blogger friends are visiting.


  1. Breaking the ties with the storage shed is a good thing. As for hanging out there, I guess we have to do what we have to do, and make the best of it.

  2. Maybe mom and dad crane work during the day and they are latchkey colts.. Have fun working and playing..

  3. I can sure sympathize with your stuck in Tampa feeling. But I don't have Sand Cranes at my place. Hope you enjoy the new one. But you won't be able to follow the Crane family any more. Too bad about that.

  4. Glad to hear that Al is feeling so much better that he is back to work. Great news!

  5. Hope you have a good day 'at the beach' and find something interesting to do while Al gets rid of pests!

  6. I'll be looking out at my backyard for most of the summer, beautiful, but I've seen it for 22 years. Yes, we are going on one nice trip in late June/July...


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