Thursday, May 24, 2012

Razr Maxx and a New Rv Park

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As much as I hated to spend the money.….I bit the bullet and bought the Android Razr Maxx phone.  It’s the phone they advertise all the time  that has a very long battery life. 

I probably would have waited for the price to come down, but since Verizon is planning on eliminating the unlimited data plans on upgrades, I figured this might be a good time to upgrade.  It was $199 plus Verizon’s new $30 upgrade fee.  Stinks, but what can you do!

This will lock in our unlimited data plan until we need to upgrade phones again.  Now we’ll have a back up smart phone should something happen to the Razr.

The unlimited data is important to us, because we get much of our internet access the phone.  We find the smart phone to be invaluable for our travels and we use it all the time.

So….what do I think of the new phone?   Well, looking and handling them in the store is not like actually using one. 

When I got it paid for,  and out of the box, my first thought, was  that I wanted my old  Droid X back. 

The Razr didn’t feel as good in my hand.  It was too thin and it felt slippery.  I was afraid I was going to drop it.

The Razr Maxx is much thinner than the Droid X and of course it came “naked” from the factory. The first thing I did was get a very expensive Otter Box cover for it. It gives the phone  a little more substance and makes it easier to hold. On the last phone I bought 2 cheap covers for it that held up about as long as it took to get them out of the box. I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and get a good case right from the the start.  Of course this case doesn’t quite “feel” as good as my old one either. Smile  I guess I just really liked my Droid X, huh?

It has a beautiful large 4.3 inch screen, which is the same size as the Droid X.  I understand iPhone is going to a larger screen now too.  I predict it will be a huge hit.  The screen is large enough that I frequently use it for internet functions….like reading blogs.

So….I spent yesterday customizing it.   I had to add back all my apps,   and  tweak it to make it similar to what I am used to.   Now I like it.   It still doesn’t feel as good in my hand as the old one did, but I’m adjusting.   The battery life is definitely much better. 

I understand this phone is “Ice Cream Sandwich” upgradable!!!   Wow…that’s a great thing! (If I only knew exactly what that meant)


Yesterday, Al came home with an offer from a customer/friend  for a really good deal on a rv site.  This guy owns two sites in a very nice Rv Resort nearby.

Skip was given two sites when he did some work for someone who went bankrupt.  They ended up paying him by giving him two rv lots.  He  doesn’t have an rv and just rents the sites out. 

We decided to take a drive out there and see what the Rv park  looked like.


The good:

Nice gated community.  Nice pool and hot tub.  All the lots are paved, and many have nice pavers.  Some have tiki huts and outdoor kitchens.

It’s very new and clean looking.  One of the sites he owns butts (no pun intended) up to a fence with some nice shade trees.  The other lot is huge but out in the full sun.    There are not many people actually there right now, but quite a few rv’s that have been left for the summer.


The bad:

There are nekkid people!  

Yes, butt naked! 

We tried not to look, honestly! 

We did see a man/woman standing behind a fence.  This person was large with a big belly, but with a real nice tan, and no tan lines!

I thought it was a man with big boobs, but Al thought it was a woman with normal boobs.  Since he/she was standing behind a fence, we never were sure if it was male or female… could have gone either way.  Scary, huh?

Normally you have to be a nudist if you stay longer than 7 days.  Skip told Al there was a way around that rule.    It doesn’t really matter though because Al and I both decided we would not feel comfortable there.  We would feel odd wearing clothes  (and we would  be wearing clothes). 

The good thing is, you wouldn’t have to worry about closing your shades at night before you changed clothes!   No one would care!

It really is a nice rv resort and we would have stayed there if it hadn’t been a nudist colony!

To each his own!


okay Roxanne, hit me with your best shot….I just know you have something to say Smile


  1. I think the two of you should have taken a crack at it...

  2. We saw the sign while driving through that area...Eldy wanted to stop and check it out (haha) but Sparky said NO WAY! :-) Just curious, isn't Verizon doing away with all unlimited plans making those people grandfathered in take a limited plan now?

  3. That sure was not on by bucket list...but!!!!

  4. What's not to love? A hot tub? How could you turn that down?

    Wait, in a nudist RV park with beached whales walking around, I'm thinking that was a smart move and you didn't need a smart phone to make that choice! ;c)

  5. I'm afraid that looking at snowbirds without clothes on is not my idea of an exciting view. But you sure might have some great pictures for the blog. Too funny. I am trying to decide if I want to upgrade to a Droid and just bite the bullet also.

  6. I think I could do it, but I'd be all by my lonesome I'm afraid.
    When we lived in Puerto Rico (where it's HOT just about all the time) my wife started to refer to me as "naked man".
    Now, having said that, I still have some opinions on just what I call "obscene". It has nothing to do with gender either. Hate to say it, but there are some folks who need to stay covered up.
    Just an observation.
    Whatever floats yer boat. Well, maybe in your case....kayak.

  7. We could never stay there. I can barely look at myself naked let alone a stranger.

  8. Enjoy the new phone and I would have looked:)

  9. We've been to some 'clothing optional beaches' in the Caribbean ... conclusion, those who wander around nekkid are the ones that should keep their swimsuits on :-)))

  10. I agree with E, I see too many folks in bikinis and speedos on the beach who should have on a whole lot more. I was uncomfortable at a nudist hot spring in my 20's when I looked a lot better than I do now. To each his own I guess but I don't really want to see each.

    OH dear, My droid is about 18 months old. How soon do I have to upgrade before I will lose my unlimited data??

  11. Why were you looking over my fence?

    LOL - HeyDuke said "crack."

  12. LOL...You crack me up! About closing the shade at night while changing clothes...they'll only look once!

  13. I've read about nudist rv parks. How funny!

  14. So what does it cost to stay there? Is the fee based on clothes or clothes optional?


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