Monday, May 28, 2012

Tropical Storm

Lutz, Florida  (high 87, low 73)

Hurricane season officially starts June 1st and goes through the end of November.

However, nobody told tropical storm Beryl and north Florida is currently  experiencing the  second storm of the season.  We are expecting to experience some heavy rain from some of the “feeder bands.”  We could use the rain.

Sunday A.M.  Beryl Update   View photo   Yahoo  News

So far, we haven’t had much rain.  We plan to stay home and have a movie day.

Yesterday, we went to the Memorial Day party and horseshoe tournament.  Jeff and Terra have a horse farm less than 2 miles from our campground.  They board horses there.  Al sprays their house, so he’s been there many times, but it was my first time.

Being a horse lover, I was anxious to go and see the horses.  They have two large barns with stalls for all the horses. 

Terras barn

Most of the horses were already in their stalls when we got there at 4pm.  We got a guided tour through the barns and met about 25 horses.  My favorite belongs to Terra. 

Meet Houston.

Houston the horse

He was my favorite because he had such a nice personality.  Apparently, Terra spends a lot of time with him and he was a “people person.”   Houston and I bonded.

Houston the horse

Everyone brought a side dish and they had smoked pork and chickens.  All the food was delicious, especially the collard greens that someone brought.

It was a bit warm in the beginning, but the tropical storm brought some clouds and it cooled down quite nicely.  It never did rain, thankfully.

They have a corral where they have horse shows and that’s where they set up the horseshoe tournament.    There were probably 40-50 people playing in the tournament.  $10 per person and the winner got all the money.  This was a “horsey” crowd and horseshoes was pretty popular.  They drew names to determine who was on what team.

It went on forever.   Al was glad he decided not to play.  His shoulder would have been killing him and I would have been bored to death.  It was still going on when we left.  We just visited with some old friends we knew from our Dive Club.  It was good seeing them after many years.

I didn’t bring my camera and had to rely on my phone.   It has a nice camera, but I don’t understand how so many people can use a camera without a viewfinder.  Trying to take a decent picture by using the screen……hate it!   So the only pictures I got was of the one horse.

I wanted to post a picture (also taken from camera phone) so it’s not a great shot.  It’s hard to locate the subject in the sun.  This car had a beautiful orange paint job and check out that orange window tint and those orange rims!

orange pimpmobile

Very unusual to say the least!


  1. Nice horse photos. Horses have the most beautiful faces - and eyes- don't they?

    I don't like that car! Pimped? Is that what you call it? I hope that doesn't become popular. :(

  2. Hope you all can avoid any storms!! Stay safe!!

  3. I actually prefer the screen to the little viewfinder on most cameras.

    That orange car looks weird.

    Good luck staying away from the storms.

  4. Orange ya glad that's not your car! ;c)

  5. I'm with you, I can't see anyting through the LCD screen most of the time. Just glare. I wish they would put the view finders back on the little point and shoots though. I don't want a big heavy camera in order to get one.

    We're hoping to get some of that rain too but I'm worried about having to stay in the Tampa area through Hurricane season.

  6. Hey come on now we like orange but that car does look a wee bit strange??

  7. We read that this was a big storm. Hope you stay safe and dry.

  8. I wish you rain but not the winds that the storm brings. Houston sure is pretty and I'm glad you got some horse time. I would have been bored out of my mind at that much horseshoes.

  9. Well I'll be............I thought I was the only one who hates, and I do mean HATES using the screen to take a photo. I shoot with a Nikon D300, but I also have two point and shoot cameras. One with a view finder and one with out.No need to guess which one I usually leave behind.Your right about the phone in the camera. I recently switched to a iphone. Great photos, but half the time I don't know what I'm shooting as I can't see the screen. One thing for sure aside from the weight I love my D 300. My 2 cents!!

  10. My name is Charles and we are staying at the Gulf State Park at Gulf Shores Al. We are in a 5th wheel rv. Tropical storm debbie is in the gulf, headed in the direction of the gulf coast. Should we pull out or stay. This is my first storm in an rv.


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