Saturday, June 02, 2012

Nasty Subject and Hitch Itch

Lutz, Florida ( high 92 , low 70)

I was reading the Rv-Net Forum the other day and came across a few things that really disgusted me.  I had read about this before and we always tried to spray Clorox on the water spigot before hooking up the fresh water….but it seems we had forgotten that step….until now. 

Anyway….apparently, some people rinse their sewer hoses by inserting them over the water spigot and then turning on the water.   Yuck!  

I have also heard of dogs peeing on the water spigots!  Another yuck!

The Low Down On Leg Lifting   Dog Reflections

We’ll be keeping a spray bottle filled with Clorox and disinfect the spigot before attaching the hose from now on.   You can bet we won’t be skipping this step anymore. 


It rained most of the day yesterday, and it rained hard.  Florida has been in a pretty bad drought and we really needed the rain….but I’m sure glad it quit.  The rain was so hard yesterday we decided to stay in since some of the roads were flooding.  We’re behind schedule, so we weren’t able to leave today.  We’re planning on heading out tomorrow.  I hope the tropical systems are done for a while.  We’ve had enough rain and we’ve got a bad case of hitch-itch.

We almost decided not to leave the area, because during the hard rain, we had a water leak around the living room slide.   I think the wind gust the day before stretched the slide topper awning out and it filled up with water, dumped on top of the slide room and leaked inside.   We have a funky window awning.  It is the same as the slide topper awning, but it pulls down further if you want the window shaded.  We had never used it before.  We need to get it looked at, but just couldn’t bring ourselves to heading to Lazy Days.  We decided we would jury rig it to avoid problems if we can’t figure out what the problem is.

So….the plan is to leave tomorrow.   We are so  ready.

We paid the electric bill for our 33 day stay here.  It was $160!   Yikes!!!   This has been an expensive little stay.  $499 for the site and then the electric bill.  They wanted to give us a discount to extend our stay.  $199 for the first week and $99 for the second.  Doesn’t sound like much of a discount to me.  The only reason we stayed here is because it’s close to Mom’s house.   We have found another one that’s just a little farther away, and much cheaper.   We’ll be staying there when we come back.    

We got up this morning to a sunny blue sky.   Boy is that nice after two days of rain and clouds!


  1. Glad you have sunshine this morning and will be able to move on out. $160 for your electric bill is really high IMO. Our final bill in AZ was for 28 days of running the air almost constantly and it was only $86.

    I must remember to remind Jim about the spigot. After sitting so long there are just things you completely forget. Thanks again.

  2. Your post couldn't be more timely. I was going to ask you how you liked your park since we need to find a monthly for two months while David is having the stem cell transplant at Moffitt. If you have any recommendations 15 or 20 miles at best away from Moffitt, please let me know. Enjoy your "vacation". :-)

  3. Good tip on the water spigot. That sure is a whopping electric bill, I sure wouldn't want to be paying that much every month.

  4. OMG! I never thought about disinfecting the water spigot! It's now on the list. We are a little nervous about the electric bill at the end of this month, with the heat in Texas. We bought a high velocity fan and plan on supplementing the air with that. So far it's enabled us to keep the AC almost near 80 before kicking on and we're very comfortable.

  5. OK so, I get the whole "close to Mom" conundrum, but just the same, don't those things have wheels? Methinks I'd be looking for something in the 70 to 75 degree range right about now. Upper Michigan mebbe?
    Note how I very carefully used Fahrenheit there? Just so we all know whom I'm yakkin' at.
    Keep it between the ditches.
    And don't flame me.

  6. Yup, I've seen people use either their drinking water hose or just hold the sewer hose under the spigot. Pretty disgusting.

  7. I also now make sure I have a screened washer at the spigot as well. Our last stay at Paul Wolff fill the screen with wasp larve! Had I not put that screened washer it would have come into the pipes of the rig.

    Now I run the water and clean the spigot before hooking up the water. Lessons learned. :)

    Thanks for the tip!


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  9. We once saw a sewer hose hanging over a BBQ grill to drain-- what do people think ????

  10. One of the funniest (?) things we saw was when a man had on disposable gloves to empty his tanks.. then when he was done, he pulled them off with his teeth. Hmmm... guess he doesn't get the Mensa award....

  11. Thanks for the reminder regarding the spigots. I used to sanitize but got out of the habit for some reason.

  12. We found out that the per KWH rate is rather high in FL from what we are used to.....definitely worth it though for the (mostly) sunshiney weather! Just need to be frugal when possible! People amaze me sometimes but I've learned you can't fix stupid!! ;-)

  13. Paul has a spray bottle filled with Clorox. He uses it religiously! I hate reading about stuff like that. Yuck is right!

    Isn't it always something? Hope Lazy Days can get you in and out without too much damage to your pocketbook.

  14. Until I read your post about spigot hygiene, I had never given it a thought. I'll be adding a clorox solution and spray bottle to my kit. Thanks.

  15. Call me naive -- but I never thought people would be so stupid as to rinse their sewer hoses like that. Clorox spray bottle coming up.


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