Sunday, June 03, 2012

We’re All Alone, But Not Lonely

Kenansville, Florida  (that’s where my phone says is the nearest town)

We arrived at Kissimmee Prairie State Park.  We had never been here before and weren’t sure what to expect.

It sits in the middle of a 54,000 acre wildlife preserve.  It’s a lovely place and we  love being here.  There are two separate campgrounds.  One for families, and one equestrian.  We chose the equestrian area, because they had 50 amp sites and the other one only had 30 amp.

We are the only ones at either campground!  We’re loving it!  There is a wonderful breeze blowing in from the prairie and we’re sitting outside in the shade under an oak hammock.    The prairie is all around us.    Did I mention it’s a lovely campground!  There are turkeys walking by at the edge of the woods.

We started seeing wildlife as soon as we entered the park.  I’m sitting here now looking at two little squirrels eating some peanuts we gave them.  I know, I know…..but I like critters!

Lots of deer.


Lots and lots of turkey.  We saw a mama with a bunch of babies (not sure what baby turkeys are called, but I’m sure Judy will help me out).  I didn’t get a picture of that one though.


A very cute rabbit.


And a  bunch of these birds.  We haven’t been able to find them in our bird book.   Judy???


The trip here was uneventful….which is how we like it.  We drove about 150 miles southeast.

As soon as we neared the park my wonderful cell phone signal was gone.  No 3G, no bars, no nothing!  I have to tell you, it was making me a bit nervous.  What if we had an emergency?  It’s funny how we have become so accustomed to having the world at our finger tips and just a few years ago, we had none of these conveniences. 

We found a site that would allow a good southwestern view of the sky for our Directv signal.   If I don’t have internet, I  darn sure want tv!

The antennae locked on right away, so we were okay there.   Getting that automatic antenna was one of the best things Al ever did! 

I didn’t expect to have any cell phone or internet, but once we got settled in, I noticed I had “1x”.  I wasn’t really sure what that meant, but I made a call and it went through.  Allrighty then, at least we could make calls.  I decided to try internet, never thinking the 1x would give me internet….but it did!

Al is sitting here with his Xoom Tablet reading about football…using our Verizon Mifi signal…in the middle of nowhere!   Yea!

I am posting this on Windows Live Writer.   I’m anxious to see if the post will go though with all these pictures. 

I guess if you see post, you’ll know it worked!


  1. You two sound like you found a delightful park. With wildlife, alone, cell phone coverage and DirctTV...what more could a person want...or need?

  2. enjoy the peace and tranquility!!..sounds like a little bit of heaven!!

  3. Sounds great with all the electronic issues working out too!!!

    I'm not the right Judy, but I'm pretty sure that's a Western Meadowlark... the state bird of Kansas! :) Makes sense for a prairie state bird to be in a prairie state park!

  4. Sounds like our kind of place...middle of nowhere, no neighbors, and with internet!

  5. Since you're in Florida, I'd say they're EASTERN Meadowlarks. :) As for baby turkeys...tiny gobblers???

  6. Ahh... What more does one want in a witness protection program? Sounds wonderful to me.

  7. looks like your 1x signal did the job-great pictures...nothing nicer than being in a place 'alone' and not being lonely..and me thinks you will have a step full of squirrels in the morning..looking for breakfast..I can never resist feeding the wildlife either..have a super week

  8. You are so going to enjoy yourselves. And even if somebody does show up there's lots of room for you to still be almost alone. How wonderful.

  9. Great find. Nothing but nature to keep you company, well, nature and the necessary electronics :))

  10. June 4, 2012
    1x is like first generation service or 1G. I now have a 4G phone in an area with two and some times three bars and no data. But there is WiFi. George from the Escapees Original Ranch Lakewood, NM. I got some pictures of our neighbors last night walking around their place (an eight thousand acre ranch). George

  11. Wow! You really are in the boonies if you're the only ones in either campground. Must be very, very quiet.

  12. What a great find! I love parks when we are the only ones around, it is so relaxing and surreal. I'm not sure its exactly the same bird but it looks like the Meadow larks we saw in Colorado, I loved listening to their song.


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