Sunday, June 24, 2012

Storm Update

We have had rain all day, sometimes pretty hard rain.

According to my Weather Bug phone app, the strongest gust is 24 mph… far.

We are in a tornado watch and the weather radio has gone off twice telling of a tornado warning.  You can bet that gets our attention!

One motor home left earlier this afternoon.  I hope they get out of Florida safely.

I got a question from a commenter named Robert.   I don’t know what happened to the comment, but he was asking what he should do.   Robert is at Gulf Shores Alabama camping in a fifth wheel.

Boy, Robert, that is a tough one.   We talked about heading north as well, but we decided it would be safer to stay put.   We are further south than you and would have to go through a lot of bad weather before we got to a better location.   It looks like you might be in a better area to evacuate.   I wish I could give you better advice, but the truth is, I just don’t know.

How is the weather right now?  Windy, rainy?   What is the forecast for your area?  

If you left now, you would end up traveling in the dark and possibly getting some storms.  It’s a tough call and I don’t know what to tell you.  

It’s such a fun day.   Gotta go, the weather radio is bleeping again!   This sucks

The Hurricane Weather Center still doesn’t  know where landfall will be, but it’s now looking more like Florida, probably the Panhandle or north Florida.


  1. We are glad you are using your weather radio! Take care, we're hoping the worst gets by you soon. The radar looks terrible for Florida!

  2. this past winter in Pensacola we were under tornado watch I had to shut off the weather was freaking me out so bad...stay safe !! Praying it clears up for you..lots of rain here too..

  3. We have had quite a few tornado watches and two hurricanes to deal with in six years, we just found it better to stay put and see where its going, better in a campground, and find a secure building, than on the road is our feelings.

  4. Keep safe! Any time we have bad weather Doug has the radar up on his Ipad. Hope you have better weather soon.

  5. Saw a tornado going for Wesley Chapel. Hope it passed you by and you are OK. We've had incredible rain here but no winds luckily.

  6. C'mon guys, get a grip! You aren't going to wash away or blow away.

    Cut to the chase...the storm is more than 100 miles away from you and moving away. And your panties are in a wad why? _At worst_ it could move across you as a TS and you'd get heavily rained on a couple of days. Please don't create more hysteria.

    Please...I'm a 56-year Florida cracker...don't watch too much weather TV and get freaked out. Could your rig sustain TS-force winds? If so, why move? Do you have trees overhead? If so, move.

    Just remember that you're in a _much_ more dangerous situation driving in a downpour than just sitting still.

    Back in hurricane Charlie the eye passed overhead but _no_ rigs were damaged in the cg.


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