Friday, June 29, 2012

We Need a Fun Day

Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 92, low 74)

We have been seeing way too many doctors and hospitals lately.  It’s time for some fun, but of course this is the July 4th week-end, and we hate to be out with all the crowds.

The weather has improved dramatically.  It’s been sunny, with lower humidity.   We haven’t had rain for a few days.  Yea!!

Between me, Mom, and my brother, we have spent 4 days at hospitals and doctors offices this week. 

Today, we had to run to Al’s optometrist to get his glasses fixed….so I guess it was actually 5 days at doctors this week.

While waiting for Al’s glasses to get fixed, we made a stop at Lowe’s, Walmart, and Pizza Hut.  Al was determined he was going to have a Pizza hut  lunch buffet, and there was no talking him out of it.

We were both tired, so we came home and had the best nap ever! 

Tomorrow, the county is offering a free “shredding” day.  You can drop off paperwork to a location at a local mall, and they will shred your papers  for free while you wait.  We have some old tax records we need done, so I think that will be our “fun” tomorrow.

So…..another exciting day in the life of a full time rv’er!     It’s certainly not a vacation every day, is it?


  1. I know just what you mean. Being off the road seems to have resulted in a lot less fun and many more chores that some how never cropped up when we were busy having fun. I really need to do something about my glasses to and just can't make myself fit in another doctor.

  2. Come on up to Tennessee and swelter in the 105* heat. My AC just can't keep up with it. :) I'd like to shred my clothes about now...

  3. There is a place in San Jose that shreads. It cost $7 for the equilvant of two large grocer bags. I took a bunch there last year and have more in the garage. I wish we had a free service somewhere!

  4. Some times real life stinks to many not so fun things you have to do.not mining anything bad just why can't every day be a "vacation ". Better days are coming!,

  5. Hay my beautiful wife just showed me how to use our Blogg spot address in sted of that's why I have commented again to if it would show up right. Just learning all this on my DROID.

  6. When we have "shredding" to do, we just build a nice campfire.


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