Monday, June 18, 2012

Final Night on the Prairie

Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 92, low 67

Our two weeks at Kissimmee Prairie ended yesterday and we are back in civilization. 

We’re staying just north of Tampa in an  Rv park we had never stayed at before.  We have a perfectly level double concrete pad.  That is a nice change from the sandy site at the prairie.   I’m going to have to work on removing all the sand and dirt from the motor home this week.  Not to mention bugs.  It seems like we picked up some small black  bugs, but I am not a bit worried about them, because  Baxter is taking care of them for us.  He absolutely loves to catch bugs.   I’m just hoping we didn’t bring home any mice.  After hearing about a mouse chewing a hole in Judy’s Sea Eagle Kayaks, I’m a bit nervous about that.

Christine and Stan left Saturday.  We sure enjoyed meeting them, and we learned a lot from them.  Thanks guys!   These were people we would never have met if not for this blog.

Stan and Christina

It was odd going on our Saturday evening and Sunday morning drive and not seeing them.   They live in the Tampa Bay area so we may see them again.  It turns out Stan is a charter boat captain, so we may go out fishing with him some day.

Our last evening drive along the prairie roads was a little dull.  We didn’t see much.  Maybe the critters knew Chris and Stan had left.

There are some cattle least properties along the park roads.  Black Angus anyone?

black angus

I had second thoughts about eating beef after seeing them peeing in their water pond while they were having a drink.   Surprised smile


We did see what Al thinks is a baby Water Moccasin.   Again, this was taken from the safety of the truck.

baby water mocassin

We got  some beautiful sunset photos.

sunset on prairie


sunset on prairie

Friday night we saw a large Owl sitting on a fence post.  It was pitch dark by then so I didn’t get a photo.  Al was determined to see the owl again and for me to get a picture.  I told him, no,  it was impossible, it was just too dark.

Al was  determined that I get this picture though, so he brought along a spot light the next night.

Yeah, right Al, this owl is going to be in the exact same spot he was in last night and sit there long enough for you to shine a spotlight on him…..and for me to take a picture.  Not hardly!


Well, guess what?

Meet Mr. Barred Owl.   He is a big guy.


Boy, did I have to eat my words!

That owl was not on the exact same fence post, but it was just right across the street, and he did sit there long enough for Al to shine the spot light on him and for me to snap 4 pictures.  This is the best of the pictures.  It’s a little blurry, but under the circumstances, I was happy.

Okay, Al, you were right.  I was wrong!

( you had better enjoy those words…they might not come again soon)

We certainly enjoyed our stay at Kissimmee Prairie.  We are already planning a trip back in October during the fall bird migration.  We had thought about doing some volunteer work for them, but it doesn’t appear they are in need of anybody right now.  


  1. Double concrete pad...unheard of. Wonderful.

    Two birds I have never seen out in the wild...and Eagle and an Owl. I hope to still see an Eagle here in Washington. Great photo of the owl.

    Now you can keep the snake...please!

  2. The barred owls are very large. We had a nesting pair in the back yard of one of our sticks and bricks houses. They were fun to watch and the sound of those big wings was really cool. Its been fun leaning about this park you stayed at.

  3. I have so enjoyed your visit to this park. I love the bird pictures you've posted. Like Paul and Marsha - no thanks on the snake. Glad you were safely in the truck.

  4. Hi Karen. Another enjoyable post from Kissimmee Prairie. We enjoyed meeting you and Al, too. (and your feline family) Way to go getting the Barred Owl photo! And we really like the photo you took of us. :-) I think your snake is a young Cottonmouth -- we found one along the road one night while there and ranger Frank ID'd it (he is really into the Preserve's reptiles).

    Hope our paths cross again. I'll be getting some photos up from our trip -- soon I hope -- have to catch up on a lot of work first! Thanks again for pointing us in the direction of the Swallow-tailed Kite roost. They may well have been our best subjects this trip.

  5. Love the pic of the Barred Owl. They are amazing birds.

  6. Just love the sunset on the Prairie pictures. I've always loved the ones over the water much better than anything but these rival those for sure. Anxiously awaiting what you have to blog about in your new park. :-))

  7. Like the owl picture "way to go Al" every now and then we're right.enjoy the concrete pads. Darren

  8. Great pics of the sunset and the owl. The snake - not so much!!


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