Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good-Bye Debby

Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 92, low 68)

Tuesday was a busy day, but everything went well.

The weather was fine for the most part, but we did get a few scattered showers as Tropical Storm Debby made her way towards an eventual landfall in Steinhatchee, Florida.

I got the laser iridectomy surgery done on my left eye.  It went pretty well, certainly much better than the first time.    It involves using a laser to punch a hole in the iris of the eye.   It sounds worse than it is.  The doctor used a different type of laser, after I whined and complained about how uncomfortable the the previous procedure was.  The worse part was the extreme bright light from the laser.   I have to go back next week for a check up and then hopefully I won’t have to see this doctor again anytime soon.

After we left the eye doctor (me with a big headache from the procedure), we had to pick my brother up and take him to the doctor.   He had to be checked up after the seizure he had the day before.     They really didn’t do anything more than the hospital did, and didn’t seem too concerned.

So today, the fun item of the day is to take Mom to her doctor.   I think her monthly visits might need to be extended a little and I’m going to talk to him about that. 

The  sun is shining, the humidity is down and we have no hurricanes……..


there is something brewing way out in the Atlantic.       I hope this season isn’t going to be like 2004 and 2005, which were hurricane seasons from hell.

I sure would like to leave Florida.


  1. Hope you get a few days without a doctor involved :)

  2. I get so tired of dr. appt after dr. appt. Here's hoping that after today you only have one more trip back to the eye doctor and then you're done for a long while. Glad this eye went better. If it's not hurricanes it's fires. One thing about our life style, we can at least be ready to move out very quickly.

  3. I bet you're glad the eye stuff is behind you, you need good vision to watch for thos infamous Florida hurricanes.

    Such a lovely state with big challenges to deal with. :c(

  4. Glad your eye issues are behind you!

  5. Interesting that a seizure didn't cause any concern. Sure would make me worried. Did they have any idea what caused it or if it would happen again perhaps while he is driving???

    Glad to hear your eye went well. Sometimes it definitely pays to whine.

    Please don't say that there is some other weather system out there. We can't leave here until September at the earliest if we're lucky.

  6. Great to hear your eye procedure went well even though that laser in the eye didn't sound like too much fun.

    So, we've had Debbie, what will "E" be called?

  7. Glad the eye thing went well. But it is troublesome on your brother, I hope he's ok.
    And yes, say goodbye Debbie for sure!!!
    The photo of the Mexican Eagle is great - I only ever get to see them from a distance & usually don't have a camera along when I spot them.

  8. Glad the eye procedure went well. To me, any eye procedure is serious. I had cataracts removed from each eye on seperate procedures. Did you have to wear an eye patch? Hope there are no more DR. appts on your radar.

  9. I'm glad the Debby is on her way out. Come visit us in New York. No worries about hurricanes here. There are lots of pretty lakes and rivers to kayak too.


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