Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spaghetti Models

Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 84, low 73)

Well, it’s Saturday morning. It’s cooler due to the clouds, but not raining.  Yet.

It rained off and on all yesterday afternoon and evening.  More of the same is expected today.

We are keeping our eyes on the weather, because we may have a hurricane, or tropical storm heading our way. 

There is some sort of low pressure system forming in the Gulf of Mexico.  It will likely develop into at least a tropical storm, and possibly a hurricane, depending on where it goes. 

It’s possible it could come ashore in our area, but it’s also possible it will head west towards Texas. 

They haven’t been able to send the hurricane hunters into the storm yet because they haven’t found the center of development yet. 

Right now, all we have are the “spaghetti models.”

Spaghetti models are possible tracks of the storm that are generated from the many different weather computers.   For now, none of the models agree on the future path of the storm.

 Hurricane Spaghetti Models   Weather   Tampa Bay  St. Petersburg  Clearwater and Sarasota 10 News

We certainly don’t want to be here if we get a hurricane, and  we’re not thrilled to be here during a tropical storm either.  They can get pretty ugly and bring tons of rain and wind.  

Since our home has wheels, we could leave, but where do we go?  If we head north and the storm heads to the panhandle, we may be putting ourselves right in the middle of it.   Going to the other coast won’t help if it becomes a hurricane. 

So for right now, we’re keeping a close eye on the spaghetti models.  You can see they are all over the place as to where the storm will head.  As they get more information, they will start to come together for a more accurate track.

We’ve learned over the years that the forecasters are pretty good at predicting where the storm will go, but not too accurate on the intensity.   The problem with this storm is that it’s forming close to home, so if it comes our way, we won’t get much warning.

More than likely if it heads our way, it won’t get too strong because it won’t have too much time to strengthen.

So……that’s what we’re doing this week-end.  Watching the weather.

So while we watch it rain, I guess we’ll continue watching “24”.   It’s such an exciting series and very addictive.

Al got most of his pest control accounts done this week, so we’ll have some time to do something fun….if the weather starts cooperating.

For now, it’s  “24”  and spaghetti models!   Smile


  1. Here's hoping that the major strand of noodle goes back out to sea so nobody has to put up with it.

  2. sure hope that the spaghetti doesn't turn into a big old 'meatball'!!!..enjoy your weekend!!

    1. Now you've made me hungry for spaghetti and meatballs.

  3. What season of 24 are you watching? We enjoyed watching Jack's shenanigans when it was on TV.

    1. We're currently on season 4. We may be watching a lot of tv the next few days waiting the storm to pass.

  4. Yup! We're watching the storm develop, too, to see if it's coming to Houston. Maybe it will just blow itself out out in the Gulf and we'll heave a sigh of relief!

    1. Yeah, Houston was in the cross hairs but I think it's looking a little better for you. I doubt it will blow itself out, but where it goes is anybodies guess.

  5. Hope that the storm fizzles out and goes nowhere!! And hope you enjoy 24. We did not get to watch the final season (and we were loyal watchers until then) but we have it on DVD. Just have not taken the time to watch it yet. Thanks for the reminder!!

  6. Goodness I didn't even know to watch for the storm and if it comes, we can't head out anywhere. Oh my........

  7. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Hope nothing too strong comes your way.

  8. When I read the title, I couldn't image what you were going to write about.
    We just saw the weather report on the news. Our daughter, Carrie, lives in Houston. Saying a prayer that this storm just looses strength and dies away!

  9. Look out for those noodles! I'll be watching the news this evening to see where that storm is heading for - hopefully nowhere!

  10. Here's hoping it splits off and goes the other way and your not affected...praying it looses its strength...

  11. We loved 24 and use to take turns hosting 24 parties... Was very sad when it ended! We ran from a hurricane once (Charlie)! We would have left the state if needed! Stay safe!

  12. Nothing like a forming storm to make real life more interesting than 24.

    That is the best the computer models can do and yet they claim that computer models can tell us what the weather will be like 50 years from now.

    I think I'll just look out the window. ;c)


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