Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Routine

Our days here have become quite routine.

We’re up early in the morning to take a sunrise drive around the campground roads.   There is always a lot of wildlife along the main road.

Sunrise on the prairie is lovely.

sunrise over Kissimmmee Prairie

The picture below is of a family of Crested Caracara.  They are fairly rare around the state, except here in Kissimmee Prairie where they are plentiful.

Crested Caracara family

crested caracara

Plenty of reptiles.


The following picture was taken by my assistant.   Even with my zoom (stalker) lens, I couldn’t take this shot……too scary.

It’s a bit blurry…my assistant needs more practice.  Smile


We love to hear the songs of the Meadowlark.  The picture below is a juvenile.  He’s just learning to sing.


You almost always see a Red Shouldered Hawk sitting on a fence post.

red shouldered hawk

Turkeys are everywhere.

flock of turkey

Our new neighbors.


After the morning drive around the park, we took a 2.5 mile hike into the prairie.  We actually saw more wildlife along the road.

I believe the next picture is a juvenile Towhee.

juvenile towee?

Lots of flowers



It was cool when we left the house this morning, but it starts warming up quickly, so our hikes are short.

The afternoon temperature has been getting up to 94 degrees.  It’s just too hot to spend much time outside, unless you are in an air conditioned vehicle.

We’ve been spending the middle part of the day inside watching “24”, napping, or reading.

By the time it starts to cool off, the afternoon thunderstorms are starting to form, so you have to be careful of the lightning.  More people are killed from lightning  in Florida than anywhere else  in the world, and most of those fatalities are when the sky is blue and the sun is shining.  Lightning can travel 14 miles from it’s storm cloud, so you’d better be wary if you hear thunder……especially in Florida.

Before dark, we take a drive around the park at dusk.   You never know what you are going to see from day to day.

Last night what we saw  was a very ugly storm cloud and a lot of lightning.  It’s different every evening.

That’s pretty much been our routine.  It’s amazing how fast the days have passed and our time here in Kissimmee Prairie is quickly coming to and end. 

We’ll be leaving on Sunday and head back to the Tampa area for a few weeks. 


  1. Just wondering 'are the roads maintained well enough to ride bikes. Keep the pic's coming really enjoying them thanks (THE Berry's RV TRAVELS )Darren.

  2. Love the pictures of the wildlife. I don't mind the toad (frog???) but that snake was really yucky. What a relaxing time you've been able to have. That is wonderful.

  3. thanks for the tips about the lightning. Love the photos of the birds and everything!

  4. Really love seeing this place through your eyes. Snakes toads and everything. In fact that's some cool toad I thought.

  5. wow you sure have a knack for capturing the wild life....nothing routine about your days my dear...

  6. Sad that you have to go back to Tampa... we all have been enjoying your stay on the prairie!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. If your days are routine then they are routinely spectacular.

  8. Nice posting about Our Routine. I remeber I have visited your blog one more time when you have posted something about Camping


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