Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Wesley Chapel, Florida

We’re still watching and waiting for TS Debby to get moving and decide where she wants to go.

The track now appears to be taking her into Florida.   We’re hoping it will track far north of us.

It was windy yesterday, but rain was minimal.  It’s a good thing because some areas have gotten 15 inches of rain and are flooded.

Yesterday, we went to the grocery store and intended to go home and watch the next episode of   “24.”    

It didn’t quite work out that way.

While we were eating lunch, we got a phone call from Mom saying she had gotten a call from the EMS.  My brother had a seizure at Sam's Club and they were transporting him to the hospital.

We rushed to the hospital, not knowing what was happening.  Mom was very upset.

They ran some tests and then released him, after determining he wasn’t critical.  He was told to follow up with a doctor today.

So……now he isn’t supposed to drive. 

Today I have my appointment for the  laser eye surgery for my left eye.   After that, we’re hoping to get Steve in to see a doctor.

Another fun day in paradise. 


  1. Grrrrrrrrr........ Hey, Karen you appear to have 2 Grrr posts showing on your blog??

    Anyway, sorry to hear about your brother, sure hope he checks out o.k.

    I was thinking about you guys last night when I saw some of the TV coverage of TS Debbie.

    Hope the storm doesn't come your way.

    1. Thanks Rick. I don't know how the heck I got two of the same posts...but I removed one.

  2. I hope that Debby stays away from you and that your brother is okay.

  3. Hope your brother is ok and the weather contenuse to pass. Somedays are tuffer than outhers keep in good sprits.

  4. Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009June 26, 2012 9:33 AM
    Goodness Karen...when it rains it pours (no pun intended). Prayers for your brother, mom and you two. Please stay safe.

  5. I too hope the weather doesn't give you problems in this a time of family stress. I hope you brother is OK. We seem to do alright with our parents having medical problems, but when it is a sibling it sometimes is more disconcerting.

  6. So sorry to hear about your brother...hope the tests show nothing too serious. Stay safe and dry and out of Debby's way.

  7. I've also been watching the weather out your way and hoping that Debby goes way north. I wish she would just disappear but it doesn't look like she wants to go away. Hope everything works out for your brother. Life gets to be very stressful at times.

  8. OH dear your life is beginning to sound as complicated as ours. I'm so sorry!

  9. praying Debby passes you by and that your surgery is successful and your brother is ok...hopefully it was an isolated incident for him...but scary-good luck to you all...will be watching for updates

  10. Hoping your brother is okay and that the storm passes you by.
    Having lived in Georgia all my life, I am very familiar with tornadoes in the spring and early summer. Since full-timing, we just head to the nearest concrete bath house if necessary. Luckily (knock on wood!) we've only had to do that twice in 5 years....and nothing serious came of it. Hurricanes you can outrun....not Tornadoes!
    Stay safe!

  11. Gosh...life is getting complicated. Hope your brother is ok and they can figure out something for him so it doesn't happen again. Hope your eye surgery goes well...Hope Debby passes you by! Lake City and other areas in the panhandle got over 28 inches of rain!

  12. Sure hope it goes well with your brother! Sounds like another example of when it rains, it pours:(

  13. Do so hope you are doing OK. Doctors and floods and rain, all so incredibly worrisome. Hope all turns out ok and that things dry out and your brother is good and your mom can quit worrying. Saw some scary flood photos on the news this am and thought of you again.

  14. Sure have been thinking about you guys and now I read this and find out these other things are going on too!!! As Sue mentioned on facebook this morning... it will be good to hear from you and know that all is well!

  15. Hey Karen, Sure hope your brother is Ok. Hope your mother doesn't worry or get upset and make herself sick. Glad you weathered the storm. Just read about the comments by anomous. It appears he rode out the storm on the good side. The damage and winds are not equal all the way around the hurricane . We actually were on the worst side of the storm. But really liked your answer. Aren't you glad we're not still at USAA taking loss reports! Haha


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