Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Update on House Sale

A couple people have requested a status report on where we are in the sale process of the house.

It seems like it’s moving very slowly and there is really nothing new.

According to the Realtor the buyers credit looks good.  I’m not exactly sure what she means about that though as I’m sure she isn’t privy to their credit information.

I spoke with our Realtor yesterday and she said it’s in underwriting now and when that part if finished, they will send the appraiser.  She said there is  no way to know what the status is, or to hurry them up.   This is just the way it is. She suggested we don’t sell all of our furniture at this point.

In the meantime, we’re continuing to sell what we don’t need and assume everything will work out like we hope.

We’ve had a busy few days.  Monday night  some severe storms were heading our way with the possibility of some tornado’s.  We’re still living in the motor home.    We didn’t have any strong winds  or hail at our house, but the next morning when we went into town, we noticed a house right up the street with the roof  peeled right off.  We saw a few pine trees that were split like tooth picks, and a large oak down on driveway.  We feel sure there were a few tornado’s and we’re very thankful we didn’t have any issues.  We did spend an hour or so in our tornado shelter though!

The guy  picked up the boat yesterday and someone is coming to look at the wood splitter today. 

Hopefully we can get rid of most of the big things before the end of the month.  Slowly but surely and one step at a time.

Our little storm brought a cool front and we awoke to a temperature of 39 degrees!  I was so glad I decided to put the electric blanket back on the bed last night!  It felt so good this morning.

Today we’ll take Squeaky back to the vet and then hopefully we’ll get back to bringing more things out for the garage sale.


  1. well at least things are coming along nicely! day at a can only control what you can!..and the weather sure ain't one of them!..have a great day!..happy selling!!

  2. At least the sale is moving in the right direction. Good luck with your next sale!

  3. I know it will drive you crazy waiting for all the answers.Hang in there.Praise God you have a shelter to go to.

    Cindy and Walker

  4. Sounds like a normal house sale process - left in the dark about what is really going on. Hope it all goes well - I like that you are staying in the motor home, good practice.

    Now, how about an update on the kayak situation. As usual, inquiring minds what to know. (i.e. noisy minds)

  5. It is amazing how slow these house sales can be. I just wonder if it is really necessary or part of the whole problem with the way houses are transferred in this country.

    Hoping all continues to go well.

  6. Glad you made it unscathed through the storm! Good luck with you sales.. :)

  7. Wonderful to hear that the yard sales are moving along and so is the house sale. It won't be long now!


  8. Sounds good to me. No house sale is absolutely closed until the day everyone signs off and you get the check!

    Have the buyers expressed any interest in the mowers and golf cart?

  9. Glad you were able to avoid any danger and damage with the storms that went through your area.

    Hope the news is good with Squeaky.

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. So relieved to read that you dodged that hail storm. Our realtor at the time of our house sale said to wait until after the appraisal.

    When it came back higher than our agreed price, he ssid..."start packing". It was a whirlwind of activity but now its all worth it.


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