Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Look What’s Parked at our House


It looks pretty good parked there, huh?

It’s a 40 foot Newmar Dutch Star diesel pusher.

It has 2 slides, satellite and all the amenities. 

I’ll bet you thought we had been busy getting ready to move, huh?  

Well we have!

We’ve also been busy visiting with our friends Carol and John, who happen to be the owners of that beautiful motor home. 

No, unfortunately,  it isn’t our new motor home.   We like it real well though and have been looking at Dutch Star’s for a possible replacement.

We first met Carol and John in Tampa last winter and felt an immediate connection with these very nice people.  We tried all winter to get together for a kayaking trip, but never could seem to work it out.  They are on their way for a summer work camping job in Colorado, so they went out of their way to come visit with us.  Thanks Carol and John (and Jimmy) for coming to see us, and thanks for the wonderful dinner and great company!

They arrived Monday afternoon and after they got the motor home set up, we went out for a nice dinner. Thanks again Carol and John.

Their cute little dog Jimmy really enjoyed all the freedom and interesting smells on our property.  They were able to let him run loose without a leash and he really enjoyed that.

Jimmy Herr

They planned on leaving Tuesday morning, but we talked them into staying a little longer.  Carol wanted to try a grits cup for breakfast.  It’s basically a breakfast in a cup, with Grits, eggs, bacon and cheese all together in one cup.  A big of salt and pepper and yum… 

After breakfast we took them on a short tour of Thomasville and to see “The Big Oak.” 

Carol and John Herr at the Big Oak, Thomasville, Ga

The tree is 330 years old, with a 162 foot spread and a circumference of 24 feet.  It’s quite a beautiful tree.

After that we went to the Rose Garden. 

Thomasville is known as the Rose City and they are having their annual Rose Festival this week-end.  Carol was surprised the roses were blooming so early.

Carol and John Herr at Rose Garden


Rose Garden

Unfortunately, they decided to head north Tuesday afternoon, so we said goodbye to them.  We’re hoping to talk them into wintering in Florida again next winter!

Goodbye Carol,John, and Jimmy  (and goodbye dream motor home)

Bye Carol and John

I have always heard that the people and friends you meet are the best part of the full timing life style.  With friends like these, we have to agree.  Thanks for stopping by!

After they left, we had a short rest then went back to our chores of sorting, purging and readying for another garage sale. 

Evidently the new buyers are wanting to buy some of our furniture.  Why they didn’t mention it when they were here, I don’t know.  The only problem with that is they don’t want to buy it unless their loan goes through.  We can certainly understand that, however if they agree to buy it (and don’t pay until closing) they could always change their mind and leave us with the furniture.  Oh, well, I guess it will all work out…eventually. 

Our weather is going to be sunny and warm the next few days with temperatures hitting the 90’s. We’re not looking forward to the heat, but at least no tornado’s or storms are predicted.

It was hazy Monday night and it caused the moon to look kind of orange.  I never  was able to capture it quite right, but here is the best I could do.  The higher it got in the sky, the less orange it became.



  1. nice 'dutchstar'! great that John and Carol and 'jimmy' got to coem for a visit!!!

  2. Definitely - the friends you meet in this lifestyle are one of the very best things. And you know you will see them again sometime so it's never goodbye. Good luck purging and selling. The end is in sight.

  3. Just a few more weeks and the house issues will all be over! Then the real fun begins.

  4. Always nice to meet and get to know fellow bloggers. It was one of the highlights of our recent vacation to meet so many.

    Nice looking rig, maybe one like it is in your future!

  5. Now that was funny, sort of. I was actually believing that was your new motor home. How neat to meet John, Carol and Jimmy (he's a cutie). I had read they were heading to Colorado - nice that they stopped to see you.

  6. Looks like you captured that moon very well! It is always fun to spend time with RV friends, I agree they are the very best kind.

  7. So glad John and Carol were able to stop over on their journey to Colorado. I know you enjoyed having them there.

    You can't go wrong with a Dutch Star....we loved ours!! Now we will look for something smaller to "anytime" in.

    You are soooo right....its the people you meet. We are so blessed to know so many fine folks via the blogs and travel. :-)

  8. You sure had us fooled! Dean was ready to call you right away!! We've made it to Iowa and it's cold! You're right - no leaving Florida before the first of May at least.

  9. It was so wonderful to spend some time with the two of you again. Thanks so much for the wonderful hospitality and tour of Thomasville. We had the best time.

    Jimmy is still smiling! He had a blast!

    We wish you all the best with your future full time plans. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

  10. I know they could change their minds, but didn't you want to hold onto the furniture until the loan was approved and all. In California buyers have to put down "ernest" money and if they change their mind the seller can claim it.

    How does it work there?

  11. Glad you had a great time with John and Carol. It is always nice to get together with fellow RVer's. You know you always have something to talk about that way.

    Kevin and Ruth

  12. Merikay,
    The buyers have put down a small deposit, but it's contingent on their getting the loan approved. If they don't get the loan, they get their money back and we're back to square one.


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