Sunday, April 03, 2011

No More Moving Sales…for now

Our garage sale yesterday was fairly successful.  We sold quite a bit of stuff and made about $180.  It wasn’t as much as we would have liked, but we’re getting there. 

We had a lot of traffic and by about 11 am, we  both exhausted and done!  We stuck it out until 1pm since we’d advertised it until then.  Next week, noon is going to be the end.  We were starved and tired so we planned on going out for some lunch.  On the way out, we got a call from a guy that was coming to look at the boat from Panama City. Long story short, he gave us a deposit and said he’d be back to pick up up by Wednesday.   We finally got our lunch, then came back home and had a nap!

The neighbor hood dogs helped us yesterday.  We have three that frequently come to visit.  One is a Golden Retriever, another is a Whippet (we think) and the third is a Jack Russell.   Our favorite is “Red Dog aka Sweet Pea”… We’re falling in love with her.   Can’t you tell?


She greeted every customer we had yesterday, then walked them to their cars when they left.

Towards the end of the day, the other two dogs showed up.  The two little ones are  wild little things and they played and played!

I can’t get the pictures to upload that I took on the Droid, but they were wild yesterday!

All of these dogs have homes, but they let them run.  We don’t believe in that and we worry about them.  We picked up “Sweet Pea” from across the road this morning and brought her home. Anyone want a wonderful dog?


She might be slightly “hot”, but she’s free!


  1. Oh she is a sweetie. Look at that smile on her face. She is really going to miss you guys.

    I remember our days of garage sales and the exhaustion that went with it. My goodness the stuff we accumulate. Hang in there, you're almost done with it.

  2. Sounds like things are moving right along for you two - that's great - hang in there! Cute dog!

  3. I di a little over $300, but it was a very hard hard day!

    Won't do one again until fall.

    Is the sale of the house still set to close on the 6th?

  4. The pictures of "Sweet Pea" are priceless. How could anyone let that dog roam free? I don't get it. It really makes me mad actually.

  5. we will take Sweet Pea!!..Tucker would love her!..but maybe Paulette of Rick and Paulette might like her for a mascot for her blog!!

  6. Sweet Pea is a beautiful Golden, they have such great personalities. Glad to hear the sales are going well for you.

  7. What a beautiful dog! I'm sure you would have room for her in your motor home.

    Inquiring minds want to is the sale of the house coming along.

  8. Beautiful looking Golden Retriever. Garage sales can be really tiring - congrats on the good sales.

  9. It breaks my heart to see such a wonderful animal, let run, the fate of these dogs are horrible, I know having had one of my Police dogs killed by a car, a horrible end to a great animal.You would be doing Sweet pea a favor and saving her life by adopting her. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  10. Glad you had a couple of successful days of garage sales. It is always nice to see the pile of "stuff" getting smaller.

    I can't believe that the owners of those dogs would just let them run free. I am like you I would be so afraid that they would be hit by a car. Red Dog "aka Sweet Pea" is gorgeous. What a happy looking dog.

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. The picture of Al and Sweetpea is priceless. It sounds like you are making great progress.


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