Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Buyers are Coming

I got an e-mail from our Realtor that our buyers were going to be in town,  and want to come and look at the property on Friday morning. 

Of course they do!  Al is in Tampa and I have to get it ready all by myself :)

The buyers have never  seen the place, I want it to look as perfect as possible.  They bought it by just having their local relatives look at it for them.

Since we’ve been living in the motor home, the house is in pretty good shape.  We’ve been packing, sorting and tossing stuff, so we have messed things up somewhat.  They’ll just have to understand that we’re trying to move, so it doesn’t look quite like it did when we were showing it.  I neatened up the house some then went to work on the yard.  It needs some mowing with the little mower, but since I’ve never even started the little mower, it will just have to wait.

I jumped on the mower and flew around and got most of the yard mowed.    There were some dead tree branches down from the last storm, that had to be picked up first (not supposed to be my job), but I had to bite the bullet and do it! 

I was ready to stop for a while and when I started to park,  I noticed a little green thing right by the emergency brake (and my hand).  Oh please let it be a leaf.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a leaf, but  a little green tree frog.  Since I’m terrified of anything frog like, I barely got the engine stopped before I was off the mower and running away, screaming like a girl!

It had been just sitting there right beside me, looking up at me.  If I wasn’t so afraid of frogs, I might have thought it was cute!  I didn’t know what to do.  I’m too afraid to try to move it off the mower with a broom. Long story short, it was gone when I finally went back to the mower.   I was kind of nervous that it  was still on the mower somewhere,  hiding and waiting for me,  but I was brave and got back on the mower and did some more mowing before dark.  Hopefully he got off into a nice bush.

I’ve come to the conclusion that our refrigerator problem is the heating element, because it works find on gas, but not on electric. I did a test overnight and found the freezer compartment got  up to 31 degrees overnight on electric, where it had been down to 2 degrees on gas.  It’s much easier to find mobile rv  techs in Florida then here in the boondocks of Georgia.  I guess it can wait until we get back down to Florida.

Squeaky had a better day yesterday and was more like her normal self.  We’ve been giving her subcutaneous fluids and they may be helping remove some of the toxins.  Debbie, our house and kitty sitter has been coming by to administer the fluids.  She used to work at our veterinarian, so she knows how to do it.  Al and I have done it before, but I seem to have lost my nerve.  You just have to insert a needle under the skin behind their neck and let the fluids drip under the skin.  Socks and Squeaky are both getting them.  They cooperate much better when the vet or a stranger does it.  They fight us when Al and I try to do it.    So this works out better and I don’t have to stick them.

Today, I intend to work on the house and yard some more.  Al is coming home tomorrow and bringing Mom with him.  She’ll have a nice clean house to stay in…..and she better keep it clean :)


  1. hope you didn't 'mow down' the poor little froggie!?..good luck with the buyers..hope they 'love the house'!!

  2. Glad to hear Squeaky is doing fine - and, you too after your adventure with the little frog!

  3. You'll paddle around alligators but a little green tree frog scares you? That's ok. I refuse to use an umbrella.

  4. I am sure the buyers will understand that you are trying to get ready for the move.

    Poor frog was probably as scared as you :)

  5. I'll bet they fall in love with the property. It's funny the things people are afraid of, why frogs? They don't even bite, but they are kind of...slimey, I guess. Glad the critters are doing better, I would be afraid to give a shot to a person or pet. I just couldn't do it.

  6. I have found it amazing that they bought it sight unseen, but they must really trust their local relative and the description. I'm sure they will like it. It will be good for you to meet them as well. You are passing on your home.

    Frogs eat spiders. I don't like spiders, so I guess I do like frogs!

  7. LOL on the froggie.... My dad can handle most any big animal, bug or snake... but let a little gekko lizard creep up around him and he screams like a GIRL!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Hey, try and get a photo of that cute little frog next time?

  9. That would have been me if I saw the little critter next to me. You were brave to get back out there on it. Now I need to keep reading to find out what happens with the buyers.


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