Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It’s Always Something

I kept pretty busy yesterday, cleaning, doing laundry, and of course giving Squeaky her medications.  It’s a challenge to make sure she gets the meds properly spaced and enough food in between to keep her from getting sick from the medication.

By evening, I was very tired and looking forward to giving the last dosage of medication of the day, so that I could go to bed and watch a little tv and relax. 

Before I could get to bed, the Tivo quit working and then I found that my refrigerator wasn’t cooling! I knew the freezer was in bad need of a defrosting and I had intended on doing that very soon.   I sure didn’t plan on doing it last night,  but defrost I did.

I checked online on the Rv-Net forum.  It said sometimes the electric heating element can fail and the frig might still work in the gas mode.  I switched it over to gas and waited.  Since an RV refrigerator doesn’t work like a residential refrigerator, it doesn’t start to cool down quickly.  I kept going out and checking to see if it was cooling.  I thought it was but couldn’t be sure.  Then, I remembered I have an indoor/outdoor thermometer so I put the outside sensor in the freezer and the inside one by the side of the bed.  That way I could check the temp without having to get out of bed!   By this time, my Tivo had come back on, so I had tv.  All the meds were given and everyone was fed.  I was almost ready to watch tv in my comfy bed!   In just a few minutes I noticed the temperature of the freezer starting to cool down again.  Hallelujah!   I don’t know if the problem was because of heavy frost or the heating element was faulty, but it’s working now on gas, so I guess I’ll let Al figure it out when he gets home!  I guess I need to defrost the freezer a bit more often.  Something for Mom to look forward to seeing.

My Mom is coming back with Al, so we’ll have a houseguest for a little while.  She loves our property here in Georgia and hates that we’re trying to sell it.  She can stay in the house and have our bedroom and we’ll continue to stay in the motor home.  The spring bloom in Georgia is so much prettier than in Florida and she always enjoys coming here to see it. 

The next pictures are from last year and taken around town.





  1. I really hope I can have the opportunity to be in that part of the country for the spring bloom. The flowers in your photos are so beautiful. Wishing you a perfect day.

  2. Glad you got the fridge working again, if only on gas.

    Hope Squeaky is doing well. Love those blooms, they are beautiful.

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. After all of that, you must have been dog,, tired! :)

  4. Having had a self defrosting freezer for very many years, defrosting is one thing I do not look forward to as part of the RV life.

  5. You certainly had a full day. Sounds like help is on the way with Al and your Mom being home soon.

    Good Luck with the refrig and the sale of your home.


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