Monday, April 25, 2011

Uh Oh

We planned on relaxing yesterday, however, it didn’t start out too relaxing.

We went to dump the black water tank and discovered a problem.  Evidently we had a blockage and the tank wouldn’t drain. 

Al has a roto rooter tool that we thankfully hadn’t sold at the garage sale.  He was able to use that to open the pipe.  I’m still not sure that it’s completely unblocked  and today I guess we’ll have to flush the tank.  I guess that may be one more tool we’ll have to take with us.

Anyway, that little project delayed our trip to Tallahassee.

We made a stop at CVS Pharmacy to refill one of Squeaky’s  prescriptions, then to Petsmart for some kitty food. 

Next stop was to Home Depot for a box of Allure Flooring.

We removed all the carpet last year and put down Allure in it’s place.  The Allure pieces stick to each other and then just float on the floor.  It’s done real well, but when we had the leaky slide problem, we have had some issues with the edges coming up.  I had a few pieces left, but needed a few more to replace the bad pieces.  Fortunately Home Depot still had the same color, so we bought a box.  It matches perfectly, so sometime this week (hopefully) we’ll replace the few bad pieces. 

After we got our errands ran, we decided to have a nice dinner.  Al was determined he was getting a lobster.  I tried to talk him out of it, but he felt since he’s been working so hard, he deserved it.  I had to admit, he really has been working hard, so I relented!  We went to Red Lobster and he ordered a combo of Lobster, shrimp Scampi, fried shrimp, and King Crab!   It came with a ceasar salad and those fresh bisquits.  I couldn’t believe he was able to eat all that food!  I’m not big on sea food, so I had a maple grilled chicken breast with rice pilaf and broccoli.  It was very good. 

After lunch, we headed home just in time for a short nap!

Hope everyone had a nice relaxing Easter!


  1. Ain't we glad we have our man around when it's time to unclog the black water pipe?!?

    Oh I love shell fish, especially clams, so YUMMY! Al and I can be "bestest" (still love this word!) eating buddies! :)

    I didn't know CVS sells pet's medication... how is Squeaky doing these days?

  2. CeiPui
    I'll bet Al could eat you under the table though :)

    The medicine Squeaky is on is also used for people...just different dosages.

    Thanks for asking about Squeaky...she's better, but not great...still worrying.

  3. I'm sure glad you relented and let Al have his lobster. After cleaning out that black tank - I think he deserves anything he wants. IMO.

    Sure hope Squeaky recovers soon. It's just so hard when pets aren't doing well.

  4. I guess we are lucky that has not happened to us yet. I am certainly prepared to let Anneke have a go at cleaning the line out, if it ever comes up :)

  5. Hope that black tank problem is an easy fix. Is the tank valve opening properly??

  6. An easy way that will normally unplug a blocked tank without any special tools.
    Two people needed.
    First make sure the valves are closed, hook the sewer hose up to the valve, have one person hold the open end of the sewer hose as high as they can even stand on a stool of small ladder. Fill the hose with water or as much as you can hold, it will get heavy. Then the other person opens the valve to the tank that is plug, open it fast. the water in the hose will back flush the valve and tubes leading to the tank with a great deal of pressure, as soon as you feel the hose go light from the water rushing out tell the other person to shut the valve, if not you're going to get it coming right back at you. Then connect the open end to the dump and proceed as normal. 90% of the time this will take care of the problem.

  7. I'm kind of "good" with the idea that you didn't include pictures with the black tank issue.
    It's sometimes the little things we appreciate.

  8. I haven't had lobster is so many years. I used to just love it.

  9. Poor Al, and I agree that he deserved that big meal with lobster. We have some type of back flush system that Roger set up so we haven't had any tank problems.

    Hope Squeaky gets better.

  10. Wow! That sure was alot of food! I bet Al enjoyed every bite of it :-)

    Hope your black tank is an easy fix.

  11. Ohhh those biscuits at Red Lobster are to DIE FOR! Plus the crab too, which is my favorite.

    Five hints on the black tank?

    First--- toilet paper that dissolves fast (we like Anglesoft) Don't use thick stuff like Charmin or Northern.

    Second-- For that *black pyramid" or clogs: Teakettle after teakettle of hot boiling water, and a good strong dose of RidX septic tank treatment and let it soak overnight..... the next day again a few more teakettles of boiling hot water to get it all working again.

    Third: Try to never dump your black tank until it's at least over halfway full. The flushing action of a fast swirling dump will help dislodge the solids remaining on the bottom of the tank or clogging the valve.

    Fourth: We skip the blue tank packets and instead just use RidX used for septic systems.. .they sell in granular which is okay, and in liquid which is even better. Tiny amount is all that is needed in between dumps to get it to start digesting again in the tank and preventing big clogs.

    Five: lube your pull levers on the valves. Ours were getting stiff (after 14 years) and broke off inside the valve! Messy to replace with a full tank pushing behind the valve--- luckily it was our grey tank that broke. But right away we bought both the grey and black replacement valves and cleaned our black tank really really good before replacing that one too. Better safe than sorry on 14 year old valves!

    Hope that will help?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

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  13. I'm with Al, lobster rocks and the biscuits at Red Lobster are awesome. That is in fact why I seldom go there. It simply tempts me to eat way too much. Good reward for working on the black tank, never a pleasant job.

  14. Sorry to hear about your black tank blockage...Hope it is ok! Red Lobster sounds good. And how lucky to find flooring that matched exactly...
    Have fun & Travel safe


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