Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting Ready for ANOTHER Sale

We’re (hopefully) down to two more week-end garage sales.  We’ve been busy trying to sort stuff.  It’s the little things that will kill you!

We’ve been putting together boxes of little things to be sold all together.  That’s worked well on some of Al’s tools, so we’re doing it with other things, like cans of spray paint, insecticidal soap, garden tools, kitchen utensils, and any kind of thing that can be grouped together in a box.  I’m trying to keep like things together, but I usually end up throwing in whatever I find.    Most of this stuff isn’t worth much by itself, but it has some value to other people and I hate to just throw away good stuff.  This way, someone else gets the use of these items, and best of all…they take it with them and save us a trip to the dump!

I went through my kitchen drawers yesterday and for the life of me, I can’t understand why I have so much silverware….but not a complete set that matches!  How did that happen?  

We still haven’t heard anything on the buyers loan.  The last we heard is the bank wanted some additional financial info from them.  I guess the fact that they haven’t denied the loan is a good thing.

The Realtor said the buyers are interested in some furniture and once the loan gets approved, they would make arrangements to come see it again.   I guess that means they are in town?   The problem with that is, we don’t want to wait until the last minute to see what they want.  Of course if their loan doesn’t get approved, we won’t need to rush selling furniture.  There is a lot of furniture that we could easily live without, even if we need to move back into the house.  We want to give them the opportunity to buy the stuff, but we don’t want to pass up any sales.  It would certainly be easier for us if they bought the stuff…especially the heavy items.  I had intended on putting more items on Craig’s List this week-end….but now I don’t know.

This is getting old.  I want to be done!


  1. Talk about stress. Could you get your realtor to maybe get them commit to the pieces of furniture that they definitely want? Then you could at least sell everything else. Wish I had some more ideas for you. Good luck on your sale this week-end.

  2. good luck with yet another sale!..and we hope that all the financial stuff for your buyer will be done soon!..I hate waiting, too!!

  3. Moving and downsizing is exhausting business, hang in there the end is near.

  4. You will be done soon!

    As Ii watch others go thru this stage, It helps me put many of our things into perspective.

    I realize why I have so much flatware is because we have a dishwasher. It doesn't run after every meal and so we need multiple tools.

    I think back to when we lived in a tiny apartment. We had room for everything we had! And everything we needed.

  5. You could just sell what you do not want even if you stayed in the house and then they can see if they want anything you have left when they are ready.

    After all, if they will not commit to you, you do not have to wait on them.

  6. Soon, soon. You will be done before you know it. Such a big job and so exhausting! take care of yourselves and stay strong.

  7. I live by the "if you snooze, you lose" rule. I'd try to sell everything I could, if they want it, they should make you an offer. In my opinion. :)

  8. Soon, very soon it'll be over!

  9. I agree with "me and my dog"...he who hesitates is lost. I'd sell to the first person who gives me cash.


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