Sunday, April 24, 2011

Two Tired Puppies

And I don’t mean our neighbor dog friends.

Our 2 days of garage sales are over (for the week), and we are both very, very tired. 

We had quite a few people show up at 7am (the signs said our sale started at 8am), and Al might have been a little grouchy :)   He told them to come back later, we weren’t ready.  At that time of day, after a sale the day before, he was in no mood to be rushed.

We got everything out and ready to go a little before 8am and people started coming in pretty steady.  There was a big yard sale at the church up the street and I think that may have brought us some business.  Al put signs up in their parking lot :)

We sold $607 worth of stuff and got rid of a lots of stuff that had been hanging around a while.  Our prices are coming down and we rarely refuse an offer. 

By 1  pm, we were tired, hungry and hot.  We went to lunch, then back home for our after garage sale nap!  That has become a nice ritual.

After a short nap, we were a bit rejuvenated.  I did some mowing, and Al did some trimming and hauling of branches.  We’ve neglected the yard and it’s starting to look a bit shaggy.

Today, we’re going to take it easy.  We plan to go into Tallahassee, have lunch, and pick up  a few necessities that we can’t get locally.   Who knows, another nap may be in our future this afternoon!

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. Happy Easter to you two. It isn't supposed to be hot at Easter, LOL. here in the northwest we have rain. what a surprise, but at least it was only 40 degrees this morning when I woke and not 26 degrees as it was last week.

  2. Happy Easter to you and Al..sounds like an afternoon nap is in order!..have a great Sunday!!

  3. With 2 successful sales your getting closer to your goal of having it all gone. It is amazing how people don't pay attention to the hours posted.

    Now a day of rest - Happy Easter!

  4. Sounds like you have gotten rid of lots of stuff! You deserve to put your feet up for a day. Happy Easter.

  5. This was a great sale. Lots of stuff gone. Yes. Enjoy your day off.

    Happy Easter.

  6. That was a lot of money you made, especially when you've had so many sales before. Super!
    Enjoy today, a trip into Tallahassee, nice lunch, a little shopping and a nap. Sounds good to me!
    Happy Easter!

  7. Happy Easter to you and Al. You are sooo right, garage sales are totally exhausting. It's not the just the folks coming to the sale early in the morning, but all the work you have to do to be ready for the event.
    Glad you had good success and hope your easy day in Tallahassee was restful for you.

  8. Sounds like your prices are finally in the "please take it away" range!

    We took a van FULL to the dump Saturday and it cost $87.

    One man's treasure are another man's trash.


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