Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Garage Sale

Yesterday, we made two trips to the storage shed to load stuff for our sale.   Most of what we had was small/cheap  things.  We had to dodge rain storms and could only make two trips.

I listed  the sale on Craig's List.  We decided to put a few signs by the storage building but didn't expect much,  if any traffic.

We got there,  and put 2 signs up and went to the unit to eat our breakfast we'd gotten at Hardy's.

That didn't happen as people started coming right away!  We managed to put 3 signs up and people just kept coming.  Of course they didn't buy much, but at least we weren't sitting there twiddling our thumbs.

It was hot and muggy but cloudy so we survived the heat.  Al brought a battery and hooked up an inverter so that we could plug a fan in and people could test the electronics.  We made a whole $40, but we got rid of some stuff. We even sold our old camping mat for $1.  We made a point to tell everyone what we were doing and that there would be much more coming next week and to come back,.

I sold my big canning pressure cooker to this Mexican lady who spoke no English.  It's almost new and I think I paid $30-40 for it.  I took pity on her and sold it for $7.  She didn't have a clue how to use it and I doubt she could read the manual.  I hope she doesn't blow up her house!

We were told that there are a lot of garage salers around and they spread the word as to where the sales are at.  I'm hoping they will keep coming back next week.

We didn't sell anything over $10, but we had a lot of traffic and the time passed fairly quickly.  We started about 8:30 and by 10:30 it slowed down and we were done!   It was getting too warm and we didn't see any reason to sit out there any longer.

We found out that the city only allows one garage sale a year and anything more than that needs a permit issued by the city....for a small fee!   That's crazy!  I guess we could have them at our house because we are in the county, but it would be such a hassle.  Our garage is full and we don't have room to set things out for sales.  We keep the boat, riding mower, and golf cart in there, plus tons of stuff

Do you remember the story about the little piggy that went  "wee, wee, wee, all the way home?"  I can't remember the rest of the story.

Have you seen the Geico commercial with the little piggy in the back seat of a car saying "wee, wee, wee?"  It's very cute and I rarely  watch a commercial!  It's so cute, I even backed it up and watched it again! 


  1. Your experience today was why we decided to pass on the sale attempt and just gave away all the stuff that we did not want to save.

    It saved a lot of hassle for us. Since I do not enjoy the garage sale experience, it was worth it just to avoid that time spent haggling over small amounts of money.

    Of course, if you enjoy the give and take, that is a different story.

    In either case, you are moving towards your goal! :)

  2. Glad you had a good garage sale - hey, $40 for a couple of hours wasn't too bad. That's fuel money for your travels. Every penny counts, believe me. Personally I wouldn't worry about the rules of two garage sales - I doubt anyone is counting. I think the rule is to discourage homeowner's from running a garage sale "business" out of their home.


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