Saturday, August 14, 2010

Connection problems-still

Well, I am still tethering my cell phone for my internet.

I had things to do yesterday and didn't feel like messing around calling Windstream. 

Rick suggested  I try to plug my ethernet cable directly into the laptop and by pass the router.  That was a good idea and I tried it, but then I remembered that Windstream had me do that as well, but they had to give me a password to use. For the life of me I couldn't remember all the digits on the password.

So I guess I'll pay the $2 a day for a few days until I get in the mood to deal with it.  If I hadn't had the internet through Verizon,  you can bet I would have been in the mood already.  :)

Today we're going to go check out some storage facilities.  We're looking for a place to store our garage sale items that is closer to Tallahassee so that we can get some traffic. 

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  1. Internet connection problems are such a PITA. I haven't posted lately because my access is so poor out here in the woods. We have the same routine, wake up, drink coffee, read blogs. Don't you just hate it when your morning routine is disturbed!

    Good luck in locating a storage building that meets your needs.


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