Friday, August 13, 2010

Connection Problems, Again

Last night when I went to log on to my laptop, I was unable to get internet access.  This is starting to get very old.  I tried several times.  I reset my modem and also my router.  No luck.  I finally gave up and went to bed.

My morning routine is to log on, read my favorite blogs while drinking my coffee.  This has replaced my old routine of reading a newspaper with my coffee.  If I can't get on to the internet first thing in the morning, it messes up my routine!

This morning, I attempted to log on to both laptops and was still unable to get connected.  I've had sporadic problems with this, but usually just when I've been out of town and used my Verizon tethering feature.  I tried everything I could think of and still no internet.  It may be a problem with Windstream, I don't know and I haven't had enough coffee to make a phone call to them.  There may not be enough coffee in the house for that. :)

I decided to call Verizon and  reactivate  my tethering feature, and here I am!  A happy camper!  A day without internet is like a day without sunshine.  :)  It seems to me if I the tethering works then it's not my computer.  It's either the modum or the router.  My Linksy router is pretty old, maybe it's worn out.

I (and others) have been having problems with spam on my blog comments.  This morning I noticed Blogger has made a nice change.  Now when you get a comment, you can either Publish, Delete, or Mark as spam.  This morning I noticed another comment that was definitely spam.  Other comments  I have seen lately (and rejected) have been very odd, but I didn't know if they qualified as spam.  Anyway, it appears Blogger is on this and hopefully it will help. I am not going to turn back on my word verification yet, but I will keep it so that I have to approve all comments.    I like that feature anyway, because I am sure not to miss a comment.

I spent the afternoon yesterday sorting and tossing paperwork.  This is stuff that should have been sorted years ago, but it's been filed away and forgotten. 

I  found something on Craig's List asking for garage sale donations for a Wildlife Mammal Rescue group .They are having a garage sale next month with the profits going to their group.  They will come pick up your items.  I thought that was just the kind of place I would like to donate some stuff to.  We are big animal lovers and always support any kind of animal rescue groups.  It makes it easier to donate things, if you know they are going to a good cause.  I sometimes wonder if the workers at Goodwill get all the good items that are donated.  Anyway, I find it easier to give to someone directly.  I'm going to check this group out a little more, but I think they are the ones that had a fire last year and were in desperate need to help. They rescue a lot of young fawns.  We might take a trip out there and see the animals and make arrangements to bring them some stuff. 


  1. A good way to test your Internet connection, perhaps you've done this already, is to bypass the router altogether and plug the connection right into the back of your computer. If you still can't get a connection then the problem is most likely your ISP and not anything to do with your router setup.

    I've turned my 'word verification' back on because I was getting spam comments and it was just too much hassle to deal with.

  2. I've never gotten any spam on "comments" and I don't have word verification. Also, I never "verify" any comment, but I do get an email when a comment has been left. I think I am just lucky.

    I've always wondered about Goodwill also. I have heard that some of the pick-up drivers keep the good stuff and sell it themselves. A lot of our stuff went to the local animal rescue group to either use or resell in their thrift store.


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