Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Need to Quit Watching HGTV

It just gets me in trouble.  They have quite a few shows telling you how to get your house ready to sell, and they make it look very easy.  What they don't tell you is that they have a whole team of pro's that can build, fix, and install just about anything.  They also "stage" the houses so that they look very nice, but aren't really livable. For instance, how  many of these show's have a television? 

Anyway after watching too many of these programs and talking to my best friend Carol, we decided I needed (I means Al and I) should repaint the living room.  Al said I am not allowed to talk to her again.  She would have helped me, but she lives in Arkansas.

I painted this room a few years ago, but never quite got the color right.  I knew what I wanted in my mind, but it never came out right on the wall.  I have the worst trouble picking a paint sample that turns out the way I want it.  Those little samples look very different when they are on the wall.  Carol said I needed a beige.  Okay, I went to the local Benjamin Moore and got a few swatches.  There are 12 trillion different colors of beige!  I got them home and still couldn't make up my mind, so off we went back to Benjamin Moore.  This time I ended up with two little jars of beige paint.  I went home, slathered some paint on the wall and guess what.  I still wasn't sure which color beige I wanted. Al says, whatever you want dear.  This morning we headed back to the paint store, and I still was unsure, but when we got there I made the decision, we bought it, and hoped from the best.

Benjamin Moore paint has a low odor, and is supposed to be one of the best paints.  I had never used any, but since there was a dealer in town, I decided to give it a try.  I gotta tell you, this is very good paint.  It covered well and with minimum effort.  It spread easily, didn't splatter and didn't smell too bad.  It was a little expensive @ $35 a gallon, but I think in the long run it was cheaper because I only needed one coat.  It's done, Al is cleaning the brushes and I am contemplating putting everything away.  Mind you, I am only contemplating!

Oh, and I like the color!


  1. To me they do have the best coverage paint!! I am so glad you like it!!

    Cindy and Walker

  2. It's been so long since I've painted a room I've forgotten how. Sure glad you like the color. And I agree with Al - quit watching those shows. They just mean "work".

  3. Ohhhh I so understand! John hated it because it always meant he had some work to do for me. I made him change out all the faucets to update them. However, the house sold in 6 weeks and even he had to admit that it did freshen things up. We both just wish we'd done those things earlier.


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