Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Toy

A few days ago while in Walmart Al found a TascoGame Camera, similar to this.  It has a 3mp camera and infared flash. It was only $50.  We had to buy a SD card and batteries and it was good to go.  We wished we had it when the Bluebirds fledged.  It will also be good to set up for the kitties and see if they are behaving.  It might also come in handy if we have to take the motor home in for service and see if the mechanics are snooping, and just to watch our birds.  It has a still and video camera.

We have been pretty sure our foxes were not coming to the feed station anymore and we thought the raccoons were getting all the food.  We set it up and here is what we found.

Doesn't look like a fox, does it?


  1. Ha ha ha - Nope, doesn't look like a fox.

  2. Hi Karen, looks like an interesting little camera. I'd never even heard of it before. Your post says it's a 3MP camera but all the info I read about it refers to it as a 5MP?

  3. Maybe Nellie should buy one and watch her mice!

  4. Rick,
    The one I showed the picture of is similar, but not exactly the same one we bought. When I first looked at it on Amazon, I found the same one and I think it was $69.

    Hunters use these a lot. I can think of lots of uses for this and we may end up getting a better one some time in the future.


    Yes, Nellie could definitely have used one of these.


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