Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gotta Get Back to Work

Yesterday was spent running errands.  We had some paperwork that needed to be notarized, witnessed and sent out, so we spent the afternoon getting that done.  After that, we went to Walmart to pick up Al's new mini Home Theater system. 

It's really quite nice.  You should see the cute little tiny speakers.  They will fit much nicer in the motor home.  Of course we had a hard time getting it set up correctly.  Al doesn't like to read instructions.  I don't know if that is a man thing.  After he got it all set up, guess what?  The speakers didn't work on TV, just the radio or dvd mode. 

We watched a movie last night and the sound was very nice.  This morning, we had to head to Radio Shack to buy a expensive $32 fiber optic digital cable.  We got home, hooked it up and still no surround sound when watching tv.  I tried to help, but this stuff is greek to me. After trying to read the instructions and getting nowhere,  I told him, he was on his own,  read the instructions, call the guy at Radio Shack, or return it...whatever he wanted to do.  I was extremely frustrated by that time, as you can probably tell.

So guess what he did?  He read the instructions and got it working!

I ordered the dash cover yesterday and it should be here by Friday.  It is coming from just north of Tampa, so it's not far away.  Margie, it is made out of carpet.  I ordered ours in a vanilla color (light tan) to match the color of the dash right now.  I think it will help with kitty claws and also sun damage.  It was about $154 including the shipping.

Today, we intend to work on the house.  I need to make it look like no one lives here!  Al is outside painting little stepping stones.  We're expecting a cool front to get here by the week-end.  It is supposed to drop the high temperatures down to 88 or 89!  That may not sound like much of a cool front, but for us, it will be a welcome change.  It's currently 96. 


  1. A real man only reads instructions if he can't get it to work right by him self..

    Have a good week

  2. Right, the only time instructions are any good is when things don't work the first time. Which, incidentally, is most of the time!

  3. After all these years Jim still doesn't read the instructions first. So I now grab the instructions and start reading them to him. None of it means anything to me but it seems to get his attention when I say do this.

    Where did you order your dash cover from? Is it custom made? Can you tell I need one? Thanks for the info.

  4. I think it's a man thing. Roger likes to figure it out himself and reading the instructions are the last resort.

    Our dash gets rather dusty. Guess you can just vacuum your new cover.

  5. Wow... a man reading instructions! Can he come and teach Steveio that???

    Karen and Steve
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