Monday, August 30, 2010

Still working

Yesterday we spent the morning goofing off, reading blogs, and watching the news.  We decided to take a drive (anything to avoid work) and ended up at Walmart.  I bought some sheer curtains  for the bedroom and living room windows.  The window coverings I had on them didn’t photograph well.  I find that if you take a picture of your house, you can “see” it through new eyes.  What you look at every day and get used to, may not look  appealing to potential buyers.  I noticed knick knacks look like clutter in photographs.  I have been doing some little things to pretty up the house and help it to photograph and show better. 

Al got some mulch and has been spreading it down in the front beds.  We need to get more today…it goes fast.  It seems like the more you do, the more you find to do. 

We got some mowing done yesterday and Al even mowed the banks of the pond. That is a difficult job because he has to take the little mower and pull it up and down the steep banks.  He ends up with sore shoulders and knees.  His reward was home made pizza! 

Our weather has been much cooler the past few days.  The other night when I was mowing I was wishing I had a sweater!

Now, we’re watching the tropics for hurricanes.  Our hurricane season starts in June, but the worst month is September, and things are really heating up now.  I think there are  2 hurricanes right now and two other depressions threatening to become hurricanes.  The season officially ends the end of November, but I remember one year we had one on January 1st!  That was a strange year. 

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