Friday, August 27, 2010

Refrigerator Getting Hot?

We went up to the motor home yesterday morning to check things out.  I opened the refrigerator and freezer doors and felt some heat.  I felt around and discovered it was the area between the freezer and refrigerator, and it was pretty darn hot.

My first thought was, on no, we are on the verge of having a fire due to our refrigerator.  My second thought was, the frig is not running and the gas is disconnected.

I then noticed the switch that you turn on if you are getting too much moisture on the outside of the frig.  I guessed that was where the heat was coming from.  I turned it off and when we checked it later, it was perfectly cool. 

I think I had seen that switch before, but frankly I had completely forgotten about it.  I do not remember turning it on.  I wonder if it runs off the battery when we are not plugged in.  If so, that may explain our battery drain.


  1. Interesting..very interesting Sherlock!! Please keep us informed..this could be something we have had..and hadn't realized it either!!

    Cindy and Walker

  2. If the light was running and shore power was disconnected, then the light had to be running off your battery. Interesting that it could get so hot that you'd notice it. Good catch and sure glad you don't need a new fridge.

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  4. Thanks on the fridge tip. I just checked ours and the climate switch was on - I turned it off.



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