Sunday, August 22, 2010

Problem with Windows LiveWriter

For the past several weeks, I have been unable to post my blog through Livewriter, and I missed it.  I kept getting error messages.

After reading Rick's blog today, I thought  I might have the answer.  His wife Paulette started having problems posting and I knew he would figure it out and I could finally get mine working again.  It turns out Paulette’s problem was because she had too many pictures  in her free Picasa web albums.

Google allows you 5Gb free.  The fix for her was to buy an additional 20 Gb of storage for $5. 

That was not my problem though.  I decided to try Livewriter again, and what do you know….it worked!  I have no idea what the problem was, but it just goes to show, something ignoring a problem is the best solution :)

Yesterday after our garage sale, we  and cleaned up some messes from our recent projects, and sorted and tossed more stuff.  We’re going to take a load of stuff to the storage building today along with some display tables.   We never dreamed we would have so many people stop by, so we weren’t prepared.  We’ll work on that this week and try again Saturday.

I found Florida Wild Mammal Association and I think this will be a great place to donate stuff.  They rescue and rehabilitate wild animals and it appears they do great work.  They are having a big fund raising garage sale early in September and are looking for donations.  At this point, I want to try to sell a few things first though.  I believe in their cause, and if I had a lot of money, they would get everything.  However, right now, we could use the money ourselves.  I imagine after a few more garage sales, we’ll be ready to give up though.  Al swore after we left Tampa that he would never to another garage sale!  I believe they hold 2 big sales a year, so if we miss this one, we can donate to the next one.

Yesterday evening,  Al cut down some branches from our large Oak tree in the front yard.  The branches were blocking the view of the front of the house and I thought it would show better in photographs if the branches were cut. Better curb appeal.  So now all these branches are laying in the front yard, waiting to be picked up. They are  not small branches either.  Luckily our property is surrounded by woods, so we will put them in the woods and they will  break down pretty quickly.  Al ties a big tarp behind the golf cart and tows the yard trash to the woods. It works out real well.  We also have a burn pit but it’s just so darned hot to burn, plus we seem to have birds that live in the brush in the pit so we can’t burn until we go through it to make sure no birds are nesting inside.  What we have to go through for our critters.

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  1. Sounds like the computer Gods are smiling on you - hope LW keeps working for you. Just one note about Google's free storage, you mention in your blog that Google gives you 5GB of storage free. It's actually just 1GB for free, o.k.


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