Friday, August 20, 2010

Sometimes it Pays to Get Ugly

Here in Georgia they say "ugly" meaning bitchy, crabby, or nasty.  Let's just say I  had to get "ugly."

I had been having problems with my internet provider Windstream.  I called them twice, went through a bunch of procedures they told me to try and I still had sporadic internet service, which eventually turned into no internet service.

The lights on my modem indicated it was functioning properly.  The last tech I spoke to said I had a problem with my computer.  I asked if that was so, why could I not get internet on my other laptop either?  He didn't really have an answer other than to tell me, he had already been on the phone with me too long!  Can you believe that?  My problem was not solved, but he said he would send me a new modem, just in case that was the problem.  Of course that was just after I threatened to cancel my service and get a Verizon aircard.  I will eventually end up doing that (or a Droid ) but I wanted to keep my home internet as long as we're here because I like to use my Netflix/Roku to stream movies on occasion.   But, if this didn't get resolved real soon, I was prepared to cancel.  I was paying $2.00 a day to tether my cell phone for internet and paying for Windstream internet.

This conversation took place on Friday evening, and I decided instead of having him send me a new modem, I would just go to the Windstream store in town and pick it up save time.  

Monday morning, we made a special trip to get the modem and they were out!  They didn't know when they'd get any new ones.  On Tuesday, I finally got the right frame of mind to call Windstream back again, and after a little persuasion, they agreed to send me a new modem.  At first they were going to charge me for it!  More persuasion, and I finally got them to overnight me a free modem.
Wednesday afternoon, the Fed Ex guy delivered my modem.  We were in the midst of painting the living room, so I didn't really have time to mess with it, but I decided to just plug it in and see if it would work. Yeah, right!  I figured I would have to reconfigure my router and do 300 more things to get it working.  I checked my laptop a while later, and noticed a screen from Windstream, guiding me through the very simple, quick set up process!  I had internet again and I only had to be "ugly" a few times!

So I guess my problem is not with my computer, is it?  I'd sure like to call that guy back and tell him!


  1. Sounds like the guy you talked to wasn't too worried about "this call may be monitored to assure quality of customer service"! Glad you kept at them and got a new modem.

  2. It is all to often true these days that the only way to get customer service is to get "ugly".

    I guess the old adage-the squeaky wheel gets the grease still applies.

  3. You go girl! Sometimes we have to make a point of letting them know we are not stupid! It so frustrates me but once in awhile it's just gotta be done. :)


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