Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Internet Problems

I have been having problems with my internet/computer the past few weeks.  I can get connected to the internet, then go to a site and get an error message saying the site has timed out.   It's been very frustrating, but normally I just wait a minute or restart the computer and all is fine.  It's been a sporadic problem, but most of the time I have internet service.  I cannot be without it.

I finally decided to take the time today and call Windstream, my phone and internet provider. I actually was able to speak to people in the United States!  I ended up being transferred to 3 different people. They had me disconnect my wireless router and connect the Ethernet cable directly from their DSL box to my laptop. They had me hit the reset on the DSL box. They had me try several other things, but still no connection. I kept explaining to them that I had internet this morning, and that it was sporadic.

Then they had me connect the Ethernet cable directly to my old laptop and I immediately was connected to the internet. That told them that my problem was not with their system, but with my computer and for $78 they would have a tech diagnose and fix my problem. 

I declined at least for today because I have a dentist appointment and also I was not convinced my laptop was the problem.  I wanted to think about it.

I decided to call Verizon and turn on my tethering feature.  I figured if I could get on the internet through Verizon, then the problem was not with my laptop. I didn't see how my laptop could be the problem if the internet service would come and go.   In the meantime, I decided to try my laptop again...and it's back!

So my thinking is that maybe resetting the DSL box corrected the problem. I'm hoping this fixes my problems....so far so good.

After my scare last week thinking I had a bad computer virus, I made a vow to back up my data.  You'll be glad to know I bought a 320G portable disc drive and backed up my important files and pictures!  I had a few of the small USB drives that I used to back up claim files and pictures of our stuff for insurance purposes, but I never backed up all my many, many, many photos.

I think I will continue to back up my photos to DVD with Picasa and also on the portable disc drive. That way I'll have double protection. 

My thinking was if I had too much trouble with Windstream, now may be a good time to buy the Droid X smart phone that I've been wanting!  I sure would like to have that, and probably will eventually.  I just don't want the expense right now.  When we go on the road, we'll have to have internet and if one Droid can tether 2 laptops, I'll probably get it.  If not (and I have to do some research) then I'll probably end up with just an aircard.  I know that can connect two computers.  I would consider the aircard now, and cancel my home phone and internet, but we really like the streaming movies from Netflix and I wouldn't be able to do that with the Aircard.  I think I could with Droids unlimited package though.

Now if I could just figure out why Live Writer won't post my blog to the internet.   One thing at a time though, I'm tired of fooling with computer issues.


  1. We were recently told that our wi-fi router needed to be turned off monthly..and re-started.Because we leave it on 24-7 it pulls in to much stuff..and by turning it off..it will let the computers run much faster.It worked!
    I hope you get things figured out.

    Cindy and Walker

  2. Cindy,
    I think you're right. I had forgotten about resetting the modem. Old age I guess...I used to know that, but somewhere along the way, I had forgotten! So far, so good.

  3. This about your external hard drive. If it didn't come with a backup program you might want to try this freeware one, simple to operate,FREE and you get to choice what gets backed up and how often you can even encrypt it with a password.



  4. Are you currently in Georgia or Florida? We're thinking of staying January, Feb and March close to Brunswick, GA and taking day trips to Savannah, St. Augustine, etc. Hope you can get your things stored okay. When are you planning to hit the road and where are you goin?

  5. DeWayne & Joy,

    We're in Georgia right now. When we get the house ready, I think we'll head back to Florida for a while.

    Brunswick probably would be a nice area to stay. We're also wanting to spend some time in the St. Augustine area. Come see us when you get to Georgia!


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