Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Al's New Toy

I recently got my Sony E-reader, and we haven't gotten one for Al yet, so he was feeling like he needed a new toy too.   Poor Al!

He has been wanting a surround sound system for the motorhome.  He has a receiver and large, heavy speakers in the house, but he wanted a new lighter weight system for the motorhome.  You can find them at all price ranges, but we just want something that will boost the sound of our tv a little.  Al is starting to have some hearing issues (what?) and often complains he can't make out what they are saying on the tv.

We'd been looking at them for a while and finally settled on this one

It had good reviews.  We ordered it through Walmart.com so we know if we don't like it, we will easily be able to return it.  It has a Dvd player, 5 speakers and a subwoofer.  I find that sometimes certain movies don't have the greatest sound, so this will probably help.  It's being shipped to the Walmart store here in town and is supposed to be here today.  Al's very excited!

We're trying to get some of the things we need for our upcoming fulltiming life.  One thing I want is a dash cover for the motorhome.  When we were camping the last time, I kept the dash covered with a blanket to protect it from cat claws. They didn't to any scratching, but I still noticed a few tiny holes in the  dash.  I think the back claws may have caused the punctures.   I checked on the Rv-Net Forum for suggestions and found two places that were recommended.  One was Mr Dashmat and the other was Covers by Josie.  I chose Covers by Josie.  They had good reviews and were cheaper.... $139.  I intend to call them today and get it ordered.  With little kitties sitting on the dash, I figured this would be a good way to protect the dash, as well as keep the sun off of it.

There are a few more items we need for the motorhome, new slide room covers, and a  power post surge protector to name a few.  One thing at a time. 


  1. Good ideas. The windshield sure let's in a lot of heat even with a good windshield cover. What type of material will the new cover be?

  2. There are lots of campgrounds out here with poor power, so a surge protector is important. It will pay for itself many times over.

  3. Just gotta keep those new toys rolling along - it makes life a lot more fun!


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