Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Loveseat is Gone

I decided to part with my comfy loveseat, so I put it on Craig’s list.  A young girl called and wanted it for her new apartment.  I told her she would need to bring two strong men with her because it is very heavy and my husband couldn’t help because he just had shoulder surgery.  Okay, so I fibbed a little.  He did just have shoulder surgery….2 years ago :)  We just get tired of selling stuff dirt cheap and then having to kill ourselves carrying it out for them.   This loveseat had a double recliner so it was extremely heavy.  Al and I got it moved here all by ourselves, but it was a b%#*h.    She brought her Dad and weightlifter brother to help.  Perfect!  They had a bit of trouble with it, so I was very glad I told her to bring some muscle.

We did some mowing and finally got the pasture done for it’s August mowing.  Of course now it’s almost time to mow it for September!  The grass will start to slow down soon though and soon we’ll be done mowing for the year.

Almost every evening we have happy hour riding around the property on our golf cart.  We call it the “happy cart.”  Tonight, we were riding out towards the pasture and our little raccoon friend was there waiting for us.  He has been coming for the “fox” feeding.  Unfortunately we haven’t seen the foxes for a while and we were going to quit feeding them, but this poor little guy was waiting just for us. 


Image013 (2)

Notice how he was sitting up?  Of course, we turned around and got him some dog food!

A couple of people have commented about the motor home dash cover we ordered.  It might be here tomorrow.  I’ll take a picture of it and let you know how I like it.  We ordered ours from Covers by Josie. It was $139 plus $15 shipping.   The $139 price is for items they have in stock.  He said these stock items were for covers that didn’t fit which made me a little nervous.    He also said just because your MH is a 2009 for instance, there is no certainty that the dash is the same year.  Anyway, I asked if we could return it if it didn’t fit and he said we could.  They are made out of a carpet fiber.  He said you could just spot clean them with a sponge.  They cover the entire dash and are installed with Velcro.  I am wondering where we would put the Velcro because I do not want to put Velcro on the nice dash material.

The other place we considered was Mr. Dashmat.  I checked on Rv-Net Forum and found several people who used both companies.  I went with Josie because it was quite a bit cheaper.  We’ll see how it looks.


  1. I'm so glad that you are able to sell items and make some money. Now that our downsizing days are over, I think back to what we gave away to family, friends, Goodwill, etc. and wish I had tried to sell more...the extra cash would come in handy now. Keep selling as much as you can...I think you'll be glad you did. We had a couch with two recliners inside it...good grief those things are heavy! Our daughter got it and her husband and a friend lifted it with great difficulty.

    We have "happy cart" too most evenings.

  2. Very smart move. We were getting rid of stuff, we gave a big TV to the lady across the street and I ended up moving it. Huge mistake, I was sore for a week.

  3. Our last motorhome had a glaring white vinyl dash that reflected into the windshield something awful! So the previous owners had ordered one of those dash mats in a dark green. It was GREAT! You can vacuum it off with a brush attachment and hose. Or use a lint brush and all the doggie hairs came off easily. It was great for pets who want to jump up on the dash in a campground to look out. No claws in your vinyl. If you ever want to remove the velcro from the dash, just use Goo-Gone or UnDu...

    This rig we have now has dark grey *boxes* that sit on the flat dash for the driving gauges and a roll our desk, so we don't need a dash mat in here now.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Thanks for the info on the dash mat. We really need one. Just wondering though - does your happy hour cart have a drink dispense in the rear? We saw a golf cart in AZ where they had installed a three drink dispenser for beer (just like you see in a bar).


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