Thursday, April 19, 2012

Winding Down in the Florida Keys

Florida Keys-Sunshine Key Rv Park

Yesterday, was a much needed day of rest  for us.  We’re not as young as we used to be and two long, back to back days in Key West wore us out.

We fixed a steak and lobster dinner last night with our Keys lobster.  I don’t eat lobster, but Al enjoyed it. 

Unfortunately, our stay in the Florida Keys is  winding down.  We have been here since March 21st and are planning on leaving this week-end, weather permitting.

When we were here after Christmas, and were only here for two weeks we thought staying a month would be enough and we’d not hate leaving.  Wrong….a month has just gotten us adjusted to the Keys life style and we could easily stay longer.  I have to keep reminding myself that it’s going to start getting hot and of course hurricane season starts June 1.  (but it’s very nice now and hurricane season is over a month away)

We planned on leaving Saturday and driving up to the Everglades for a night.  We don’t like to make the 400 mile trip back to Tampa in one day.  There is a weather system coming into Tampa Saturday night.  There is a possibility of it bringing in some severe weather, and we see no sense in getting into that, so we may just delay our departure another day.  (oh darn)

We may do a kayak trip (probably our last) today, depending on how the weather looks.  If that doesn’t work out, plan b will have to do….just as soon as we figure out what it is.

pretty beach near marathon


  1. I'd gladly have eaten your lobster... sounds real good to me. Aren't you folks the geocache people? Did you find any/many while there? Wishing you safe travels....

  2. I'll eat your lobster if you want! I LOVE them.
    hurricane season makes me very Nervous. Glad you are getting out of there. Safe travels.

  3. The Keys can be additive! Anneke is with you on the Lobster, after our Maine trip this summer, she is not a lobster fan.

  4. I haven't had lobster for years. Always did love it though! But only with fine drawn butter for dipping.

  5. sure hope you're out there kayaking .... cuz I want to see the pictures!!! I will miss them when you leave!

  6. WOW you got to stay in the Keys for A MONTH! I definitely need to understudy you. I didn't think the parks would let you stay more than 14 days. BTW, the spot you sent me was gone by the time I read your email. That's what I get for being at the beach all day. But thanks SO MUCH for thinking of me.

    I would like to volunteer for your lobster though and I want it just like Merikay said.

    Safe travels.

  7. Time flies when you're having fun!!
    Glad you've enjoyed your stay in the Keys!!!

  8. I've enjoyed your stay in the Keys, but I'm sure you enjoyed it more. Thanks for taking us all with you!

  9. So happy to hear that you have been enjoying your time on the Keys. It is always hard to leave a place that you love. I know we will have a hard time next month but we are looking forward to seeing family and friends back home.

    Love that last picture!

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. love all your glad you had a great month in the keys...we plan to visit the keys when we snowbird out next winter...and I can't wait....stay safe


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