Monday, April 23, 2012

We’re Back in “Up North”

Naples, Florida  (it was 59 degrees when I got up)…and it felt wonderful!

We packed up and left the Florida Keys around noon yesterday.  I was a little concerned about the winds.   We were getting sustained 35-42 mph winds with some stronger gusts.  We figured as longs as it didn’t get worse, we would be fine.  I was concerned about driving a high profile vehicle over all these bridges.

The first big bridge of concern was the Seven Mile bridge into Marathon.  No problem there,  because we were getting a tailwind.  There was a report of some waterspouts (tornados over land), but we never saw any.

leaving the keys

Further up into the Keys the direction of travel changed a little and we blew around quite a bit on another long bridge.  It was a little nerve wracking but not too bad.  Al just slowed down.

leaving the keys

Once we got out of the Keys dark skies appeared and we got some rain.  Fortunately it didn’t last long.

Our plan was to drive about 200 miles to the town of Naples, Florida.  We planned on going to Club Naples Rv Resort, which is a Passport America Park, right off the interstate.  Unfortunately, since it was Sunday, we couldn’t get in touch with anyone in the office.   We had to hope they had arrangements for check-in when they were closed.

We stopped at the entrance and fortunately it wasn’t gated.  There was a check-in package by the gate, but before I could even get it, one of the friendly residents came by to help.  She showed us where some longer pull-through sites were and even walked me down to look at them.  By the time I got back, Mike, a maintenance man stopped by to see if we needed help.  Very friendly park.

We were surprised at how many rv’s are still here.  I guess these people are smart and staying south until it gets warm up north.

It looks like a great place to winter and after the rates in the Keys, it almost seems cheap!  It’s nicely maintained, has a nice pool, and fitness room.  The hot tub is being repaired.  We could definitely some back here.

We’re going to do a little exploring this morning ( if lazy bones will get out of bed).   They have a summer special of $189 a month.  Might not be a bad place to spend some time. We think we’re pretty close to the beaches. We lived in Florida 30 years and this is the first time we’ve been to Naples.  It’s a “high-end” town.  Lots of expensive homes, resorts and luxury Rv parks.

The following are probably the last pictures you will see from the Keys.   These were taken during the last few days we were there.

Here is Al trying to take it all in to last him until we get back!


The view from our fishing bridge right by our campground.


Sunshine Key at sunset.





awwww….we’re really going to miss the Keys.


  1. We just left Naples, Lake San Marino Resort. We were there the month of March.
    If you have time, you should go to the "Port-O-Call" and take the sunset cruise. Beautiful, not just the sunset but the cruise.
    If you go to the beaches, make sure the winds are blowing out of the West or the "No Seeums" will eat you alive. That happened to us at Lovers Key State Park Beach.
    Have fun and enjoy Naples.

  2. Of course you know we were in Naples the whole month of December. Just love that town...a hop skip and a jump to the Everglades if you are on the south side of town. Enjoy that beautiful town!

  3. Sounds like a nice place to spend some time, like their summer rates!

  4. Sounds like a nice place to spend some time, like their summer rates!

  5. I just love the water in the Keys. So clear and beautiful. Thanks for taking me along this winter.

  6. Hard to say good bye to such a beautiful place. But knowing you can always go back makes it easier.

  7. We are going to miss seeing through your eyss the Keys too.

    That sure is a great rate in Naples. You might just have to stay awhile and check it out.

    Happy Trails!

  8. We enjoyed following you during your stay in the Keys. Stay safe & have fun!

  9. Wow!! That summer rate is cool even if the weather is hot! Someday we'll be free to roam...

  10. last too!!!

    now go find something equally beautiful to visit and photograph!!!

  11. The color of the water in the Keys is just beautiful. It would be a difficult place to leave!

  12. Oh those photos made me miss our trip to the Keys! Sure have enjoyed "your trip" too. You both must miss it already. Did you find any other restaurants - for the next trip? Wish I had taken the bridge walks - we missed a lot. That $189 rate is great in Naples!

  13. Sorry you had to go. The Keys are very magical. It is hurricane season now, so maybe it is for the best.

    Thanks for taking us along on your trip there. :c)

  14. You've definitely got some post card pictures of the keys there. Making us all long to be there too.

    Had to laugh at your "up north"....when I found out you were in Naples! Very funny. But speaking of the real up north, I heard there was SNOW and a lot of it in PA and NY, today, at the end of April. Amazing!

  15. Beautiful photos and good memories. :)

  16. Thanks again for all the great photos. Is that a typo on the Naples rate?

  17. Chuck and Pam
    No, that is not a typo on the rate. We picked up some flyers from the Rv show and they are advertising those rates....but of course there is a "resort" fee and taxes. I'm guessing the resort fee is $3.00 a night, but I'm not sure.


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