Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back at Lazy Days Campground

Seffner, Florida (high 72, low 52)

Boy what a shock!  We had a very unusual cold front and when we got up it was 58 degrees this morning!   Time to turn on the heater!  We love this cool weather but unfortunately it’s going to warm up quickly.

We didn’t get to explore Naples much, but we did check out Lake San Marino Rv Resort, for a possible future visit.  They are advertising a special for the months of April and May for $225 a month.   We drove through the park and found it to be pretty nice.  It looks like it’s a French Canadian snowbird park and there were lots still there.  I can’t say that I blame them!

vlake San Marino Resort, Naples

There were a lot of park model permanent sites but still plenty of rv lots. 

We decided we probably liked Club Naples Rv resort better.  We stayed there at site J7 for one night.  It was a “pull through” site, but with our rig, the toad would have sat in the street.  Yes…it could have been a little longer.  Smile  The site would have been too narrow  with neighbors on both sides, but was fine for one night. 

Club naples rv resort

If we go back, we picked out site I20.  Many of the sites were a bit on the short site, but there was some wooded areas and we saw a lot of birds throughout the park.  It  would be a nice place to stay and explore Naples.

We left Naples around noon and headed north towards Tampa.  We had a lot of wind and it was kind of stressful.  Al was staying around 55 mph but the winds kicked up more as we approached Tampa, so he slowed down to 50 and it was much better. 

Lazy Days invited us to a free “Friends and Family” rally for 3 nights starting Wednesday.  I also had an expired coupon for 2 nights free  camping.  I gave it to them, thinking I had nothing to lose….and guess what?  Yep, we got two more nights free!  We have sure gotten to be cheapskates since we started full timing!

So, we’re happily settled into Lazy Days Campground for 5 nights, then we’ll be off to a campground nearer to Mom.

Al is working today and I’m going to go visit Mom.

It’s back to reality, I guess.


  1. I'm not trying to be rude here, just wondering. Are you ever going to leave Florida?

  2. Judy
    We're staying close to home because of my Mom. Her health is the issue and we don't want to get too far away.

  3. Cheapskates yeah, I like "frugal better". We are fulltime and have the time to be able search for all the great deal out there to be had. We especially like the free overnight stay of our memberships and anything else we can find makes good sense to us.

  4. 5 days! Simply incredible price. :)~

    You're getting pretty lucky with the temps so far I think. Both places look nice, have fun and I hope your Mom's health improves!

    Stay safe,


  5. Funny, before I saw Judy's comment, I was wondering if you had any summer plans to go north or west. I know you need to be near your Mom, so thought maybe not.

  6. Oh for pete's sake, I should read all the comments before I say anything, right?! :) Mom, of course.

  7. Great deal on the Lazy Days stay! Well done. Never hurts to ask.

    We had 48 degrees here in Lithia this morning. I was shocked but it was great running weather.

  8. I'm with you - I was never cheap before, but since full-timing, I sure am now! It's actually kind of fun. I pride myself on bargains, boondocking, saving money on gas by staying longer in one place, etc. Now that I'm in an RV park for a month, I feel guilty that I'm not boondocking, but I'll get over it! :)

  9. Hey Lazy Days Friend! We may be down there in a few weeks to get some warranty items taken care of. Spend time with your Mom now.

  10. Frugal is a good thing. Nice of them to honor the expired coupon. Hope Mom is doing okay.

  11. Free is my favorite four letter word. Nice score!

    Just stay out of those new RVs sitting there, they have a way of following you home... ;c)

  12. Sorry I haven't checked in for a while ~ as you know we've been so busy siteseeing that I am having trouble keeping up with my blog, Facebook and visiting my friends blogs... But I am going to try to set an hour to check on my favorite blogs each day...
    Have fun at Lazt Days ~ it is such a nice park...

  13. It actually becomes a challenge to see how you can "cut corners." Mike has said so many times...I wish we had done this years ago. Oh well, at least we are now!!
    Enjoy your stay at camp Lazy Days!!

  14. What a great deal. Lazy Days is such a nice place to stay. Enjoy!

  15. Nope, nothing wrong with being cheap. As Paul and Marti said, free is our favorite word. I am sure your Mom will be happy to see you. Hope she is doing well. Also $225/month at that RV Park sounds like a pretty good deal.

    Don't forget to vote for us, aussieexperiences.com/contest/entry/red-centre-kevin-read/

    Kevin and Ruth

  16. Can't beat free camping in an RV Park!

  17. Congrats on getting 5 free days! It is fun to get bargains like that, but you are 'family' I guess since you spent so much time there recently.


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