Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kayaking in the Florida Keys

Florida Keys  (High 82, low 67)

Sunshine Key Rv Resort

The plan for yesterday was to attempt to get the kayaks into the Atlantic side of the island,  for some more exploration.

We walked over to the beach launch area and decided it was a bit too breezy and the seas were choppy.  Okay, on to “plan b.”

We brought our chairs, e-readers, and enjoyed the beautiful day.  I have been reading Unbroken, and it was really getting interesting, so I was perfectly happy where I was.

Sunshine Key paddle

The next picture is our view.  The water wasn’t quite as clear as usual.

Sunshine Key paddle

After a while, the breeze and seas calmed down enough so we decided to launch the kayaks from the same beach area.

Unfortunately, by that time the tide was going out and it was a very strong outgoing tide. 

The tide caught us and we were zipping along at a good clip. We would have been in Cuba, it we’d kept going!  There was no time to stop and see what was below.  You had to keep paddling constantly to keep control.  We  decided that we’d better not get too far as we’d have to fight the current to get back to our launch area.

The paddle back in was a struggle, but we finally made it back to our little beach, and we decided to read our books some more.

Sunshine Key paddle

If it’s not the wind, it’s the strong currents.  One of the problems with ocean kayaking….but that’s okay, we had a great day.  We’re hoping to get out there again today.  We saw (briefly as we zoomed by) what appeared to be coral heads.  We are hoping to get back to that area and do some snorkeling and exploration.


Al talked to one of the long time winter residents here at Sunshine Key Rv Resort.  Apparently, there were lots of complaints about the summer residents and their compounds.  There were also a lot of complaints about the golf carts speeding around with music blaring.

They had some sort of treasure hunt scheduled for the kids here and evidently one of the summer residents stole the treasure chest.  The police came out yesterday.  I guess a manager from corporate headquarters,  was here last week-end , and not happy with what was going on.  To me, the easiest thing to do is control how many people are allowed per camp site.  If you have a limited number of people, you won’t have 4 golf carts, 4 trucks and 25 people.  Easy solution, huh?

It appears they are trying to remedy these issues, and  I’m sure it’s not easy since they have been allowing it to go on for so long.  The previous manager pretty much let the summer residents do what they wanted.  The new manager has his work cut out for him.

Would you believe, someone has a large above ground pool at their campsite?  It’s not a wading pool but one that  is about 2-3 feet deep!  Can you see it back there?


This next week-end might get pretty interesting around here, but for now it’s nice and quiet….just the way we like it!

the end



  1. Good The End shot. Hope things aren't too wild this coming weekend.

  2. quite the compound with their own private pool!!

  3. Really cool parting shot! Wish I looked that good from behind. :-)

  4. A pool? What the heck is that all about?
    You two make me nervous sometimes when you go out in the water. I don't know how to kayak so when you say the tide is strong, winds up, current running, etc. I start getting a feeling something bad is going to happen. So glad you know what you are doing! ~wheresweaver

  5. That photo of your little beach sure looks nice - almost like you're are stranded on a tropical island. Wait - you are!!

  6. Do you find the currents any different to deal with in the sea eagles than in your hard sided??

    Same problem happened at Lithia Springs a few years ago with out of control "patrons". They got a new manager and he CRACKED down. It's a nice place now but part of that crack down was about 24 speed bumps which isn't so fine for the motorhomes he wants to attract. Hope they fair better there in the keys.

    Love that parting shot. !!

  7. Wow.. you almost became Cubanites!

    As for the disruptive groups in the summer, guess the managers better get a hold on them or boot them out. Easy peasy. Either that or all the good people can leave and then they can have the scummy ones overrun the park?

    I would make a clearly stated letter to that fact, and ask others to sign it and hand deliver it to the managers to get their attention. 50 upset good paying customers can far outweigh the discomfort of dealing with 1 or 2 bad ones.
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Give my regards to Fidel...

    Great ending photo, you're too funny! Guess he's camera shy. ;c)

  9. I can't wait to kayak in the Florida Keys! Fun photography!

  10. I'm glad things are starting to happen to get that place in shape! You are right, just limit the number of people and vehicles allowed per site, and that will take a big chunk out of the problems. When people make their reservations, make it clear what the rules are, and that they will be enforced. Then enforce them!

    Santee Lakes was very good about enforcing the rules. People were asked to leave if they didn't pay attention. It gave me a real sense of security, since I'm one of the rule followers. :)

    Love the last photo - he looks like he's truckin' ! :)

  11. Every time I see you kayaks, I think we should get one:)

  12. Unenforced rules = no rules. As in raising kids or being a middle school teacher consistiency is the key.
    I may be convinced to get a kayak.


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