Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lazy Days Friends and Family Rally

Seffner, Florida

Lazy Days Rv rewards “friends and family” if you refer someone to them and  they buy an Rv.

When Gin and Syl read about how well Lazy Days treated us when they bought our coach, they decided to come here when they were ready to buy theirs.  They were nice enough to take the time to give Lazy Days our names and we were rewarded with a nice gift certificate and this three night rally at Lazy Days campground.  Thanks again Gin and Syl, we’re enjoying the  rally!

If any of you decide to buy an Rv from Lazy Days from reading our blog, please give them our names!

So yesterday was check-in day.  We didn’t know exactly what to expect.  We figured there would be maybe 50-60 people at the Rally.  We got a goodie bag that included a raffle ticket for prize drawings.

There was a dinner last night, and another one Friday night.  We got to the rally room and it was full….probably 300 people!  Well, there goes our odds of winning a prize.

There were some people there with a different color name badges. We found out they were people who had referred over 10 people to Lazy Days. They were treated like celebrities and even the CEO of LD went over and sat with them!

The dinner was catered by the new restaurant on site.  We had roast beef, salmon and several side dishes.  They also had wine, beer and punch….all you wanted.  We were treated very well.

They had a really good band,playing oldies which suited their audience.  It wasn’t long before the dance floor was full.  Al and I enjoyed the free beer and wine and listened to the music and watched the dancers with envy.  We have 4 left feet.  Smile

There are a few travel seminars during they day, but not really that much going on.   I would have thought there would have been more planned.  I guess they feel the free camping and meals is enough.  Al has to work today and I have to take my Mom to a doctor appointment, so we won’t be attending anything today.

The 299 site campground is nearly full.  Lazy Days parking lot, and the Camping World next door is also full.  I’m sure all the service bays are also full.  You would certainly never know there is a recession around here!


  1. We couldn't believe how huge Lazy Days was, the whole complex when we were there, and the Camping World store. I'm pretty sure this is the last motorhome we're ever going to buy! :-)

  2. How could people refer over 10 people? Since we started traveling over 3 yrs ago, we have only met one couple that was looking for a new RV.
    Glad you had a great night but it does sound like a bit more planning needs to be done. Enjoy your stay.

  3. It's nice to enjoy the free weekend while you're in the area. Glad we could help you out.
    I had that same surgery a few years ago too. You know, the one where they amputate the right foot and replace it with another left foot. :-)

  4. nice to be rewarded for being a loyal customer!!

  5. I agree with marketing. Having a free campsite, meals and access to maintenance and shopping at Camping World sounds like a nice deal itself!!
    Hope all goes well for your mom at the doctor!!

  6. I'd be glad to take some of those left over right feet. I need them, because everything I start to do, I'm always starting off on the wrong foot...

    Tried a couple of times to get into the Lazy Days CG, it's always full. Even "boondocked" one night in the Camping World parking lot trying to wait for a space.

  7. wow good for you guys...way to go...sounds like it was a great time...

  8. Can't imagine ever trading in Winnona but Lazy Days would be where I'd go. Problem is who to say referred me??? You guys, Gin and Syl??? Nancy & Bill??? You've all recommended them. Obviously a great place to deal with.

  9. You're on. If we ever buy an RV from Lazy Days, we'll drop your name for sure. Where exactly is that again???

  10. Hope your allergies clear up soon. Mike and I have been pretty lucky this far!
    Thanks for the book recommendation via Rick!! I was just about ready to look for another read so I will try Unbroken!
    Take care!


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