Monday, April 09, 2012

Chilling in the Florida Keys

Florida Keys  (high 82, low 70)

We took it easy yesterday.  We figured it was a good day to rest and chill out at home.

Later in the afternoon we decided to head up to Marathon Key and have a snack and happy hour.  We ended up at the Castaways Grill.  Al got a 5 beer sampler (very small glasses) and some wings. I got nacho’s and two mixed drinks.   It was okay, but we ended up spending nearly $50 by the time we figured in a tip.  Whew…too expensive for happy hour.  We won’t go back. It was on the water (on a dock) but you couldn’t really see the water and there was no sunset so it wasn’t worth it to us. 

We did a lot of walking around the rv park yesterday.  We like the fact that we are on an island, and there are lots of interesting things to see when you go for a walk.  You can walk on a fishing bridge on either side of the island, or you can walk through the marina, or just around the campground and see the water there too.  We like walking on the fishing bridges and looking down at all the marine life.  The water is so clear you can see quite a ways down.  You see different things on high and low tides. 

Here is a Cormorant that appeared to be “snorkeling”.  He just kept his head down and watched for his dinner.


Ever so often he would take a dive.

Then we got lucky and saw a good sized Spotted Leopard Ray…

Not the best picture, but remember I was standing on a bridge looking down.


They are incredible creatures and we’ve been lucky enough to see a few of them while scuba diving. 

They are gentle creatures and so graceful as they swim along.

We saw lots of other various types of rays.


The sunset from the campground was pretty last night.


We called it a day and even though we didn’t do too much, we were tired.  I guess it’s all this fresh sea air.

The winds seem to have quieted down, so we’re hoping for a kayak trip today around the island.


  1. I agree...$50 for an happy hour makes it an unhappy hour. Love the photo of the snorkeling Hope you enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver

  2. Sorry to hear that there was "no sunset" at the grill. Makes for a very long day and hard to sleep. Glad to see that it did finally set at the campground the next night. :-)
    Gin says "Well hell! If there ain't no water and the sun don't set, I don't want to go to the Keys!"

  3. "$50 for a happy hour makes it an unhappy hour."

    Yikes...I guess so!

  4. That's the tough part about some great places they just cost too much, kind of how we felt about Sedona, a little overpriced (or maybe a lot).

  5. A wonderful way to spend the day...that was a cool bird photo!

  6. I love rays, they are so interesting to watch.

    We'll steer clear of that "Happy" hour place, way too rich for our blood too!

  7. At that price, you should have had three days worth of leftovers to take home. :)

  8. You saved money on the RV park but sure can't save money eating out in the Keys. But, it's still fun to try out new places. We should have spent more time looking over the bridge - you see interesting things. We never got our energy back until we left the Keys - it must be that island air.

  9. Some of my favourite days RV'ing are just rest days. Looks like you had a great one.

  10. Well live and learn. Some lessons are expensive. But you sure are in a gorgeous place if you have to have some lessons.

    Love the snorkeling duck! I think I'll get a pair of flippers like his.


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