Friday, April 06, 2012

An Observation

Florida Keys  (high 84, low 73)An

As we’ve watched the snowbirds moving out these past few weeks, we learned that many of them store their rv’s and boats here in the Keys, while they are gone for the summer.

We wondered how they were going to get their golf carts, boats, cars and Rv’s home.  Quad tow?

Many of them,  just pull in the slides, drive off and have someone come get their rv and/or boats, and haul them to the storage lots.  There are quite a few storage lots around here,  and we see these big dually trucks hauling off 5th wheels, trailers, and boats.  If I ever decided to do that, I would at least watch them take my Rv and make sure they took good care of it.

That gets my old insurance adjuster brain to working, wondering how many of them let their insurance companies know that they store their boat or Rv here in the Florida Keys?

Many insurance companies won’t write policies for Florida anymore, after the terrible 2004 and 2005 hurricane season. 

So, if there is a hurricane this summer and these people have damage to  their Rv or boat, the first thing they will do is call their insurance company.

Then the questions begin……  The insurance term is misrepresentation….and is cause for denial of a claim.  

Of course, maybe they have notified their insurance company that their Rv’s or boats actually are “garaged” in Florida….but I’ll bet  not many of them do.

They will be the first people to complain when the insurance company starts questioning them.  “I pay good money for insurance and then when I have a claim, they don’t want to pay.”   Yeah, but you paid rates for a minimal risk, not  the correct rates for the actual exposure.  

Ok….rant over.


Al is feeling better, but still not 100%,  so we’re going to take it easy again today.  The Aloe Vera and Papaya juice seems to really help when he has a diverticulitis attack.  When he wanted a beer and dinner,  I knew he was better!

Baxter got a new toy, and he liked it for a little while.


He looks kind of little in this picture…but this is a current picture and he’s not little.

Here he is laying on the dash.  Don’t you just love all the junk on the dash to protect it from kitty claws?


We’re having a dash cover made when we get back to Lazy Days.   Of course, I’ll still have to put something on the dash mat so that I can wash the kitty hair off of it.  


We rented a Red Box movie and watched  J Edgar yesterday.  It was a good movie, about an interesting person in our history.

Then we took a sunset walk along the fishing bridge next to the park.   The tide was coming in and we could see lots of big  fish.

That is Sunshine Key Rv Park in the background.

Bridge from Sunshine Key at Sunset

Bridge from Sunshine Key at Sunset

Bridge from Sunshine Key at Sunset


  1. We have no idea how it feel to have that much money that we could just drive away and put our MH in someone else's hands. Just crazy. Enjoy your weekend. ~wheresweaver

  2. Sounds like the insurance companies consider hurricanes to be a 'pre-existing condition' just like they used to be able to do for health care in the U.S.

    It's just one more reason I'm glad the private auto insurers got the boot here in B.C. way back in 1972 as they were always trying to figure out ways to deny coverage.

    Since the B.C. Government took it all over, it's been much better.

  3. That's why we have the AZ boat insured for AZ and the MT boat insured for MT. Not taking any chances. A lot of people leave their RV's sitting on the lots down here. Since we don't have hurricanes not sure if it's as much of an issue. Baxter is so fluffy.

  4. Great thoughts on insurance and I'm sure you are right about the first to complain. Are those the same folks who spend an entire season in an RV park in the Keys? Sounds expensive enough that perhaps they just self insure the RV. :-)

    Love your pictures of Baxter (that is such a great name) and the sunset!!

  5. Sad to see many people try to beat the insurance companies. If they get denied on a claim for misrepresenting things, they deserve it.

    So Baxter is a cat? I'd begun to think he had a little Boxer (dog) in him... ;c)

  6. I kept asking if the Alfa was covered if a tree fell on it when it was parked. I don't want this to happen, but it could given where it is parked. We did spend over two thousand dollars on tree removal around where she sits, but in a big wind something could still blow her way.

    Do the insurance companies spell out non coverage if a rig is in Florida? What difference is there if it is garaged or ifthe owners are on a trip to the Keys? Someone must go there "off seson.". If a hurricane was predicted, could'nt a peron just get themselves to safty and leave the rig parked? Would an insurance company question that?

  7. Good point on the insurance issue. Perhaps many of them no not really understand the issues. We learned by chance that if you put an RV at a broker to sell it, that also impacts your insurance.

  8. Glad Al is feeling better. It's fun to see your photos and recognize where they were taken. Must be interesting to watch the comings and goings of RV's, trailers, etc. Sounds too noisy for me.

  9. Glad Al is feeling better. It's fun to see your photos and recognize where they were taken. Must be interesting to watch the comings and goings of RV's, trailers, etc. Sounds too noisy for me.


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