Sunday, April 01, 2012

Mass Exodus

Florida Keys  (high 83, low 72)

It was a little warmer than predicted last night and we almost  broke down and left the a/c running.  We much prefer the nice ocean breezes to sleeping with the noisy a/c running.

I’ve been watching the temps in the Tampa area and they are getting up to 89 and 90 degrees.  That’s way too hot for this time of year.    Glad to be further south where it’s cooler.

April 1st marks the big snowbird migration day and they are heading out of here like crazy.  One guy we spoke to said about 30 rigs have left here this morning….and it was only 7:30 am.  They are lining up at the gate!   Watch out I-95 and I-75….they’re coming!  For you travelers, I suggest finding your  campsite early in the day because the campgrounds will be filling up fast.

We are in the middle of an Airstream Rally.  Our semi-deserted little corner of the world is now full of Airstreams.  That’s okay though, they are all mostly our age, so they “behave” themselves.

Nothing much going on.  The wind is coming from the Atlantic side and causing seas that are rough enough we don’t want to take the kayaks out.  A lot of people still kayak in rougher seas, but we just don’t want to go unless it’s darn near perfect.

We’ve been enjoying reading.  Al started Unbroken, and is really enjoying it.  I guess I’ll start it today.

We found a real nice little park with picnic and beach area right before the 7 Mile Bridge.  It was on the Atlantic side though and was too breezy to kayak, but it was a lovely spot to have a picnic lunch and read our e-readers.

Veterans Park,  Little Duck Key

We had some bird entertainment.

Here is a Red Winged Blackbird.

Veterans Park,  Little Duck Key  Red wing blackbird

This little guy was so tame I probably could have caught him like Judy did the other day.

Veterans Park,  Little Duck Key, palm warbler?

I think, he is a Palm Warbler.  I know Judy will correct me if I’m wrong.  There are so many birds that look similar to this, but I think I’m right.

He was eating a piece of pretzel I gave him.

Veterans Park,  Little Duck Key

A pretty brown spot on his head.

Veterand park, Little Duck Key, Palm Warbler?

We sat there and read for a while, but that wind was blowing right off the Atlantic and it was chilly.  We finally decided to pack it up and look for a nice place  away from the wind.  Now, before you get to thinking it was freezing cold, I must admit there quite a few other people at the same little beach that were out in the water swimming and snorkeling.  Smile   I guess we’ve lived in Florida too long and our blood is thin.

We found a brand new kayak launch area in Marathon, but unfortunately it was also on the Atlantic side and even breezier and choppier than the first place.

Isn’t it a pretty place though?  We’ll definitely go back on a nice calm day. 

nice new kayak launch behind city hall in marathon

It looks deceptively calm here, but as soon as you paddle around the corner, you’d find a very choppy Atlantic ocean.

There is also a nice little tiki hut for a picnic.

nice new kayak launch behind city hall in marathon, tiki hut picic area

The water was such a pretty turquoise.

nice new kayak launch behind city hall in marathon

The park is emptying out, the winds are calming down….it might be a good kayak day today!


  1. You nailed it on the palm warbler! April does bring about the great spring migration of birds...snow and otherwise. :)

  2. Well, I guess with the snowbirds leaving we will have an easier time finding good RV sites, in parks and boondocking. Then summer will start and the vacationers will come. We have at least two months after winter, and again after summer when things are pretty quiet.

    You sure are in some beautiful country! Your photos always show the areas so well. One thing about kayakers: you always seem to stay in great water locations.

  3. Unbroken is a great read. Not sure I can say I enjoyed it but am glad I read it. Love the bird pics. You're catching up to Judy with your knowledge of birds.

  4. must be nice and quiet if everyone is heading out!..soon you will be the only ones there!?. :")

  5. We have noticed a huge number of RVs leaving this past week.
    Great photos. I like the little park you found. Looks so peaceful and a great place to read a good book. Enjoy your Sunday.

  6. Beautiful photos. Love the color of that water and your "reading spot" has an idyllic look, even if it was a bit breezy. Great bird photos.

  7. Yup, so many bloggers are now heading north.. the mass exodus!~ LOL So sad for us, we already ARE north.. have been all winter. sigh.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. So true, our park was no vacancy last night and this morning was over half empty.

  9. Impressive bird id. The snowbirds, that is... ;c)

  10. Impressive bird id. The snowbirds, that is... ;c)

  11. Impressive bird id. The snowbirds, that is... ;c)


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