Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Heading to Vero Beach

Sweetwater Rv Park, Zephyrhills, Florida

We are heading to Vero Beach today.

Squeaky seems to be doing okay, so we feel it’s safe to move. Tampa is on the Gulf coast and Vero Beach is on the Atlantic coast, slightly south of the Tampa Area.  We have about a 140 mile trip, depending on which GPS we use :)

After months of research and debating, we decided we would go ahead and order our new Sea Eagle Fast Track 385 kayaks.  For the fulltiming lifestyle, they will really make things easier, and we feel pretty certain that we will like them.  It’ll be so nice to get rid of our heavy, hard kayaks.  It’ll be nice to be able to fold up the new boats and put them away out of sight.  I’m going to put them on the space coast Craigs list.  With any luck, we can sell them while we’re in Vero Beach.

We had to order them by yesterday to take advantage of the 5% discount and before the $5o price increase effective today.   So we called Tim and Crystal of Inflatable Boats 4 Less and got them ordered.  The only problem is that we currently have no address :)  We certainly don’t want them sent to our mail forwarding address and we don’t know our new address in Vero Beach yet.  We wanted to make sure we actually got to Vero Beach before we had them sent there.  Crystal placed the order and put a hold until we can give them an address.

We may be getting some rain today for our trip.  I hope not.  I’m not much for driving in the rain.  It’s the remnants of the front that pushed through the east and headed up the coast.   We’ll have to monitor the weather and make sure we don’t get into anything heavy.


  1. We may be getting some rain today for our trip.

    Rain? What's that?

    We haven't seen ANY precipitation since Novemer 13th in Dallas!


  2. Great news, Karen. You are off to Vero Beach, your Squeaky is doing better, and you are getting new kayaks! yippee

  3. We're looking forward to your adventures in Vero Beach. Hope the rain holds off for your move.
    We LOVE your kayaking pictures. The springs are just beautiful from that vantage point.

  4. All good news today except for the possible rain - can't do much about that though.

    Glad to hear Squeaky was good enough to travel!

  5. It's good to make a decision, you wanted them. Glad to hear the kitty is doing OK.


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