Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting Ready for Moving Sale

We spent most of the day yesterday getting ready for our upcoming garage sale.

This will be the first one we’ve had at the house.  We need to go get some cash for change and get things laid out and priced.  It’s going to be a big job.

I woke up at 1 am this morning worrying about the amount of stuff we have.  I was thinking since we only have time for 6 garage sales, we need to get rid of 1/6 of everything  we have.

I put some more things on Craig’s List yesterday, and we got some interest on the boat.    We’re thinking, as long as we can sell the bigger items, the little things can go to Goodwill or trash if necessary. 

Providing the sale of the house goes through, we will need to change our state of residence.  We’ve decided to become Floridians again.  We’ll have to change our Rv insurance to fulltimers coverage, and add a rider for extra coverage for all of our things.  I had done a lot of research on all this previously, but I can’t remember it all. Does anyone have any suggestions on when to do what?  We need fulltimers coverage once the house sells, but we will still have Georgia Drivers Licenses and vehicle registrations.  I guess we can use our mail service address to get our new Florida fulltimers insurance and get the drivers license and tags after that.  Whew…more things to think about.

Gotta go, lots to do today!


  1. Trying to remember how we went about becoming SD residents. I think it went like this. Bought the MH, contacted Alternative Resources to obtain mail service and license plates, contacted an insurance agent via email in SD, then soon thereafter we drove to SD to get our drivers licenses...and lived happily ever after.

    Good luck with the garage sales. I agree, put your time and efforts towards selling the high dollar items.

  2. Good luck with the garage sale and hope you sell lots of stuff!

  3. Wouldn't it be great if you sold 1/2 your stuff at the first garage sale or in the first week???

  4. I feel your panic. Not knowing for sure is hard too.

    I started looking into some of the boxes I stuffed things into during the winter. Not very much in there. Nt enough to justify the $30 entry I have already paid for next week Saturday. I have to do some serious round up next week!

    Things will get better once the buyers are 100% committed.

  5. Take a deep breath!! First, I hope your garage sale goes well and you sell bunches of stuff. It is hard work but they DO work!!

    Do you read Dee Walter's blog- Tumbleweed?? If so, she has some good info on becoming Florida residents. They started full-timing last year.

    It WILL all fall into place! :-)


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