Friday, March 11, 2011

Rain and Cooler Weather

Sunshine Travel Rv Park, Vero Beach, Florida

Yesterday a storm front passed through Florida and went through the entire state…including here in Vero Beach.  There were tornado warnings in the Florida panhandle, Louisiana and Mississippi, but nothing severe here.

We got a good amount of rain and we heard lightning one time.  I’m kind of a coward when it comes to storms and I hate lightning and thunder, so I was real glad it didn’t last.  It’s so much louder in the motor home than in a house.  I remember how violent the summer thunderstorms can be in Florida.  I don’t want to be in the lightning capital of the world (Tampa) in the summer.

Anyway, the rain finally quit by mid afternoon so we decided to do some laundry.  The dryers here give you an hour of drying time so I can actually get my clothes dry.  The dryers at the last place didn’t run long enough to even get t-shirts dry. 

The new replacement kayaks are in Melbourne now, which is just 30-40 miles away, so hopefully we won’t have to sit around all day waiting for them.

We don’t have to send the old ones back until we get the new ones, so we could actually take a paddle today, if we Fed-Ex comes early enough.

The rain brought a cool front and it was 45 degrees when we got up this morning.  We hadn’t had any cool weather for quite a while.  It’s only going to get up to 66 today and then 39 tonight, but  I’m sure it will warm up quickly.  My wrist is feeling much better after a few days of heavy doses of Ibuprofen, ice and wrapping it.  I’ve tried to avoid using it and Al has been helping me do what I cannot do.  It’s amazing how much you need your wrist in every day chores. 

When we kayaked the other day, we did it at Sebastian Inlet State Park.  They have a campground but the only pictures I got of the campground were from the water.  Here are a few of those pictures.  It’s definitely not our favorite state park, but they do have campsites on the water.



The sites are small and the campground is kind of junky looking.  The park is nice, and you can go out on the fishing pier and fish or just watch the surfers.  The beach is across the inlet from the campground.


A better campground (in my opinion) is Long Point Park.  It’s just north of the Sebastian Inlet.  There are lots of waterfront sites, but not directly on the ocean.  They are in the mangrove areas, it’s still waterfront but it looks more like a lake.  They also have some full hook-up sites (sewer).   This was the first place we ever camped when we first bought our pop-up trailer.  We were so new to camping that we hadn’t yet learned about raccoons.   We ended up  accidentally feeding them some very nice steaks, marshmallows and grapes.  Hey…they got a nice balanced meal!  I’ll try to get back there and take some pictures. 

I have a question for all you bloggers.

When you want to leave a comment and they have the word verification turned on, do you sometimes, just skip leaving the comment?  If you type in the wrong letters and have to re-type a new word, do you sometimes, just forget about leaving the comment?

I do.  Sometimes my comment doesn’t seem important enough to bother, or I’m in a hurry and don’t want to take the time.  On some blogs, you may not realize the word verification is there because it pops up on a later screen and by then I’ve clicked on a new page.

Just wondering, if others do this also.

I finally decided to let my comments go through without me moderating them.  The only reason I moderated them, was because I wanted to make sure I saw all the comments and they were sent to my email address.  I realized that they are still sent to my email address even if I let them go without me moderating them.  It’s working out well…Google seems to catch the spam and I still get emails of all the comments.

Our thoughts and prayers are going out today for the victims of the earthquake and tsunamis. I lived in Japan for 3 years and found the people to be wonderful.  I’m sure there will be a tremendous loss of life. We’re also concerned about how our old stomping ground of  Guam will handle the tsunami. 


  1. Yes, I think I have often attempted to leave a comment but didn't notice that I need to complete the word verification and my comment wasn't added. Also, I sometimes just skip leaving a comment because I find word verification very annoying.

  2. Yes, all of the above. I have HughesNet satellite at home and the connection isn't as fast as cable or many wifi connections, but it is all we can get out here in Rocky Point. What often happens is that I post my comment, and then the new window comes up so slowly that I forget I am not finished and I zip off to do other things and comment. I hate that. So far I haven't had very many spam postings on my blog. The spam catcher usually gets them.

  3. I took the verification off my blog early on, and then within three days was getting spam so I put it back on.

    Maybe I'll take it off again and see if google is any better at catching spam than it was last year.

  4. I've had word verification off for months now and it's been working just fine for me. I get lots of spam but it all seems to go in the Blogger spam folder so no one even sees it.

    I've skipped comments on occasion when the word verification is too slow.


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