Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Day Closer to Full Timing

Yesterday was one of those days where we were busy all day but didn’t seem to get much accomplished.  We can’t be having many of those days because May 6th is coming up fast!

My first order of business was getting clothes washed.  Judy’s comment yesterday made me feel that maybe I was being “ugly” when I said I didn’t like to go to Laundromats because they were nasty and there were crummy people there.  I thought about how that sounded and decided I should go check them out.  We live in a small farming community. There are a lot of migrant workers here and they were the ones that appear to use the two Laundromats in town.  The crime level is very, very low here, so I wasn’t worried about getting mugged.  I just expected the facility to be dirty and nasty, and guess what?  I was right! It’s a shame people that some people have no other options and have to use these places.  The owners should be ashamed of themselves.  There are two laundromats in town and the other one was much better (but still not good) and very busy.  Again, I don’t mine laundromats at the campgrounds and have found them very clean and nice, but my experience yesterday convinced me I need a new/used washer.

We debated whether to fix, get a used one or rent.  We stopped at a rental place, but they just do “rent to own.” 

We finally decided to go to the repair facility Al had checked out and buy one of their used ones with a 30 day guarantee.  I know it will give me something else to sell, but at least I’ll have a machine while we’re here.  If I take a loss on it, it’ll be okay if I can avoid those dirty laundromats.  So today I’ll be doing some laundry and loving it!

We spent a lot of the day cleaning up the yard and it’s looking pretty good.  At least good enough for the buyers agent to inspect in Saturday. 

I took some pictures of some furniture and items we will be selling and today I’m going to start getting them posted on Craig's list.  I guess I’ll put some price tags on these items and if anyone at the garage sale is interested we can take them down to the house for a look.  We really need to make this and each garage sale count because we will only 5 garage sale week-ends before closing.  Scary!

Over the 5 years that we lived here we cultivated a lot of birds.  We fed them every day at least once.  We kept water for them and did our best to protect them from predators.  When we left in December Al filled the bird feeders as full as he could, but we felt very, very guilty leaving them with no food to face a cold winter.  Our house sitter would put some food out when she came by, but that wasn’t too often.  I especially felt bad for our very large family of Cardinals. 

The first thing we did when we got back was put some bird food out.  We see some birds but not nearly as many as we used to.   Our family of Cardinals by the front porch have moved on.   Al has seen some down in the woods and we’ve heard some, but I think they’re mad at us and we feel real bad.  I sure hope the new owners are bird lovers and will take care of our friends.  I will sure miss our bird friends when we leave.  I will also miss this beautiful piece of land where we can look out any window and see beauty.  Yes, I think there will be tears when we pull out of the drive-way the last time.  No regrets though.


  1. Just sayin', ya know, but. Ya sure got an interestin' way of a sayin' yer gonna have no regrets when most of yer post are about all the regrets ya got. Hope ya understand there ain't no magic wand a waved when ya leave and everything suddenly changes, cause it don't. Even though some folks like to say it does.

  2. I.M. kind of cuts to the chase, doesn't he? The birds are still there, they're just busy setting up housekeeping about now. :)

  3. But always remember - you are going to make new bird friends where ever you go and the view out your window will be as beautiful as the spot you pick to stop at.

  4. Don't go listening to I.M. as anyone who hides behind a pseudonym doesn't possess the conviction of what he's saying anyway. It's just a lame promotion technique that's getting a little tiring.

  5. They'll be beautiful windows with sights waiting for you to discover when you hit the road. And, there will be birds everywhere you park your wheels as you travel this great country of ours just waiting for bird lovers to feed them. Just look forward to those days.

  6. I'm sorry your laundromat experience was awful.

    When doing a road trip sometimes there is no option. On our last trip to USA in 2009 we stayed at cheap motels and stopped in Santa Rosa where we did our laundry before our last days in San Fransisco.

    The Laundromat was huge and spotless and so well maintained. It was almost a pleasure to use. I'm a bit of a 'Laundry Queen' so we had many machines and dryers going at once. It was great to be able to split up delicates and coloureds etc. Something that would be a luxury in the average motel laundry anyway.

    I'm sure the birds will be fine and you'll soon work out how to attract the birds to your RV


  7. Birds fly everywhere and you will have the ability to see new birds in other areas of the country that you could not see staying in Georgia.
    I have feeders that I put up anywhere we happen to be "camped" for a few days. :-)

  8. I know exactly what you mean about loving the beautiful bit of land, I too have a beautiful place to be and I am working very hard to restore a house that was once beautiful. but fell into disrepair due to neglect and time. It will be hard to let it go, but I am so looking forward to new adventures. Someday ...

  9. I'm sure you are a little overwhelmed right now and I know how much you have enjoyed your home in Georgia. You will have regrets and missing all your wildlife is going to be one of them. Fortunately I've only missed my family - never once missed our house. Good luck with the garage sales - these last days are going to be crazy and you are going to probably be exhausted but you are going to get to live your dream.

  10. the one good thing about laundromats? can do all your laundry in the time it takes to do just one load! that is great time management!!!.have a good one..we are counting down with you!!!


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