Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Kayaking in New Sea Eagles

We took a run over to Sebastian Inlet State Park and did a test run of the new Sea Eagle boats.

We came home and my right wrist started to hurt.  By the time I went to bed, I didn’t know if I could even sleep because the pain was getting worse.

I finally found an ace bandage and wrapped it up.  That seemed to help along with some pain meds.

More on our maiden kayak voyage later…my wrist hurts and typing is difficult.


  1. Sorry to hear your wrist is hurting. Nothing worse than being miserable-keeps ya from enjoying retirement good times. Feel better

  2. Hope your wrist is feeling better today!

  3. Anxious to hear about your maiden voyage in the sea eagles and see pics of them. Hope your wrist is feeling better and it isn't a function of the kayaking.


  4. Hope the wrist gets better quickly. looking forward to hearing about your new Kayaks.

  5. Ditto...Now that you no longer have the hard kayaks, the header photo might need to be updated. I sure hope you have one that's just as simply relaxing and inviting as this one. Take care...

  6. Hope your wrist is much better soon.
    Glad you had a good maiden voyage!

  7. Hope that was not caused by some setup up the new kayak.

  8. Hope it is better soon. Do you think it is from paddeling too long?


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