Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time For Plan “B”

Remember I said we would need to get rid of 1/6 of all our stuff at our garage sale? 

Well, we didn’t even come close.  Not only did we not make much money, but we didn’t get rid of much in terms of volume.  We sold a grand total of $126.

We had an ad in the local paper, but it turns out not many people read the paper.

We had a few signs out, but not nearly enough.  Lesson learned.

I was afraid being out in the country would hurt us and it apparently did.

When we had the storage lot in town, we found just putting signs on major roads brought in lots of people.  The storage lot we had last fall is no longer available or we might consider doing that again.

Next week, we will have signs everywhere!

In the meantime, we are going to start loading up stuff for the trash and Goodwill.  We have got to get rid of stuff, and not wait until the last minute.

We also have decided we need to drop prices and make these items “too good to pass up.” 

After our sale, we went into town for a few groceries and we treated ourselves to lunch at the local country buffet.  Yumm..    We had worked really hard this past week and decided we needed a good meal and then a good afternoon nap.

Unfortunately our nap didn’t pan out because we got a hail storm.  Nothing like hail hitting your roof to wake you up.  I’m reminded why we prefer Florida weather.  I hate these strong winter and spring storms!

Today we’re going to the local diner and have breakfast.  We went there one day last week and I had a wonderful breakfast with country ham. I’ve been wanting more country ham ever since.  After breakfast, we’re going to get things together for a run to Goodwill tomorrow.  “Stuff” is going to leave the house today!


  1. Well, that's another $126 for fuel when you hit the road. Yes, it's time to drop the prices - better some money than ending up giving it away. Hope more signs work better next week. Did you list your garage sale on craigslist - I think some people read that instead of the newspaper for finding garage sales.

  2. Too bad your sale was a flop. Better luck next time! :)

  3. Have you tried advertising the Garage Sale on the internet? There should be local site that you can list it on, they may also have a section that you can do that on Craig's List as well. Just a thought. We never put an ad in the paper when we had ours, just on the internet. It's also free to advertise that way!

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. I was so hoping it was going to be a great sale. Sorry it wasn't.

    My hubby loves country ham. About the only place we can find it out here is at Cracker Barrel.

  5. even after the hard work preparing..$126 is better than nothing..hopefully next time you will have even more success!!

  6. Sorry to hear the sale wasn't as good as you deserve given your effort. I know from experience being out in the country makes it very hard. Do you have a friend in town who might let you use their front yard???

  7. Those garage sales make be crazy. all those people scrounging thru stuff and haggling over small amounts of money.

    Maybe Craig's list to improve traffic?

    In the end for us, most of the stuff went to charity groups. It was the quickest and less painful route-at least for me.

  8. Don't forget that anything you donate is a tax deduction when you give it to a non-profit. It doesn't make it any easier when it comes to cold hard cash but there's nothing like a good tax deduction to make you smile come next January!
    Is there a "town square" or central park that might be more visable to the community or a community building you could "borrow" for the weekend?

  9. I'm in a bit of a panic myself because I paid for a spot at a very nice flea market next weekend and I really don't have enough "stuff" sorted out to go!

    I'm going to have to be brutal this week. Saying goodby to lots of stuff!

  10. Advertise your garage sales on Craig's list. Everyone who show's up at our sale said they saw it on Craig's list.


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